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pronunciation: entɹ̩ɑdɑ part of speech: verb, noun
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tackle1 = entrada, placaje. 

Example: Footage from four decades of English soccer includes hard tackles, pushes and punches from club games.


» fishing tackle = avíos de pesca, equipo de pesca, aparejos de pesca, jarcia, pertrechos de pesca, útiles de pesca, enseres de pescar.

Example: The fishing tackle we use can have an unintended and negative impact on marine wildlife.

» slide tackle = entrada en racha, barrida.

Example: In the 40th minute, Jimmy Conrad was shown a red card after his slide tackle on Dimitar Berbatov in the penalty box.

tackle2 = tratar, dedicarse a, enfrentarse a, hacer frente a, acometer, atajar, emprender. 

Example: Chapter 2 tackles books, pamphlets and printed sheets, and chapter 3 is dedicated to cartographic materials.


» tackle + a crisis = enfrentarse a una crisis, hacer frente a una crisis.

Example: The continuing political tension in Pakistan undermines the government's ability to tackle the country's multiple crises.

» tackle + a limitation = superar una limitación.

Example: These limitations are partially tackled by AACR2 by resorting to rules for special cases.

» tackle + an issue = tratar una cuestión.

Example: A number of key issues can only really be tackled by effective strategic planning at the national and local levels.

» tackle + a problem = tratar un problema.

Example: The LA is currently conducting a major survey to collect and monitor information on gender, ethnic origin and disability which will enable the LA to highlight and tackle problems of inequality in the profession.

» tackle + a task = acometer una tarea, emprender una tarea, afrontar una tarea.

Example: If you are ready to tackle this task, then go for it, but look before you leap!.

» tackle + barriers = eliminar barreras.

Example: As part of the process of tackling such technical barriers to trade, the Commission may organize conferences and seminars and commission studies in order to examine the scientific and technical aspects.

» tackle + crime = hacer frente a la delincuencia.

Example: A new Federal regulation aimed at tackling white-collar crime has sobering implications for managers.

» tackle + Nombre + head-on = hacer frente, tratar Algo sin rodeos, enfrentarse a Algo cara a cara.

Example: The author emphasizes the importance for libraries of tackling copyright issues head on.

» tackle + the situation = hacer frente a la situación.

Example: Outbreaks of violence and attacks on staff in libraries have led librarians to consider methods of tackling the situation.

tackle3 = hacer un placaje. 

Example: He was accused of illegally selling cigarettes on a sidewalk when Pantaleo put him in a chokehold from behind and tackled him with the help of other officers.

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