Tagging in spanish


pronunciation: etiketɑdoʊ part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

tag3 = marcar, etiquetar. 

Example: It is occasionally useful for administrative purposes to be able to tag borrowers so that they may be intercepted during charge-out.


» tag along = pegarse a rueda, chupar rueda.

Example: One of my employees has the habit of tagging along to my smoke breaks.

» tag + Nombre + as + Adjetivo = tachar a + Nombre + de + Adjetivo.

Example: To call a supervisor 'spineless' is to tag him as weak and therefore unfair to his really good employees.

tagging = identificación mediante marcas, asignación de identificadores. 

Example: This article covers all the options from electronic markup or 'tagging' of the manuscript to desktop publishing and laser printing or image setting.


» social tagging = etiquetado social.

Example: That would create chaos in a shared folder scheme, but works well in a social tagging system.

» user tagging = etiquetado por el usuario. [Sistema de indización del contenido de Internet por parte del usuario]

Example: Equally important, such an analysis might well show important differences between user tagging and conventional indexing.
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