Tailgate in spanish


pronunciation: poʊɹ̩toʊn part of speech: noun
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tailgate1 = puerta del maletero. 

Example: There is a possibility that the bolts attaching the tailgate strut mounting bracket to the body may become loose.


» tailgate drinking = botellón antes de un partido. [En USA, se aplica en general a beber antes o durante un partido utilizando las bebidas que uno lleva en el maletero del coche]

Example: And because beer and wine are so expensive at the stadium, many of these fans are coming to the games already sauced up from tailgate drinking.

» tailgate party = picnic alrededor del maletero del coche.

Example: Nothing is more American than bonding with friends, family and your fellow football-loving man at a tailgate party.

tailgate2 = conducir demasiado cerca de otro, chupar rueda. 

Example: It was hailing cats and dogs the other day, and I was still tailgated by a moron in a large SUV (sport utilitarian vehicle).

Tailgate synonyms

tailboard in spanish: , pronunciation: teɪlbɔrd part of speech: noun
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