Ulterior in spanish


pronunciation: ulteɹ̩ioʊɹ̩ part of speech: adjective
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» ulterior motives = intenciones ocultas, planes ocultos, motivos ocultos, intereses ocultos, segundas intenciones.

Example: From the very beginning I have been hard on him because I didn't trust him -- sometimes biting his head off and others accusing him of having ulterior motives.

Ulterior synonyms

subsequent in spanish: , pronunciation: sʌbsəkwənt part of speech: adjective future in spanish: , pronunciation: fjutʃɜr part of speech: noun, adjective covert in spanish: , pronunciation: koʊvɜrt part of speech: adjective later in spanish: , pronunciation: leɪtɜr part of speech: adverb distant in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪstənt part of speech: adjective subterranean in spanish: , pronunciation: səbtɜreɪniən part of speech: adjective
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