Ultramarine in spanish


pronunciation: ultɹ̩ɑmɑɹ̩inoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

ultramarine = azul ultramarino, azul de ultramar. 

Example: Ultramarine was made from the semi-precious gem lapis lazuli and was so costly in the nineteenth century that artists infrequently used it.


» ultramarine blue = azul ultramarino, azul de ultramar.

Example: French ultramarine blue was non-toxic and as permanent as the natural variety but darker and less azure.

Ultramarine synonyms

colored in spanish: , pronunciation: kʌlɜrd part of speech: adjective chromatic in spanish: , pronunciation: kroʊmætɪk part of speech: adjective ultramarine blue in spanish: , pronunciation: əltræmɜrinblu part of speech: noun
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