Unaddressed in spanish

Sin dirección

pronunciation: sindiɹ̩ekθioʊn part of speech: adjective
In gestures

unaddressed = sin nombre ni dirección (del destinatario). 

Example: Postal items are necessarily addressed items and so the delivery of unaddressed publicity cannot be considered as a postal service.


» go + unaddressed = no tratar, no abordar.

Example: When poor performance is allowed to go unaddressed for long periods of time it can become a major problem and very difficult to manage.

unaddressed2 = sin tratar, sin abordar. 

Example: However, limitations and challenges to developing recommendations continue to exist when there are unaddressed scientific questions, continuous new information, as well as differences in expert opinion.

Unaddressed antonyms

addressed pronunciation: ədrest part of speech: adjective
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