Vacancy in spanish


pronunciation: bɑkɑnte part of speech: noun
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vacancy = vacante. 

Example: Other recent surveys, such as those on multiple job holders and vacancies, reflect the need for information on aspects of the job market in the Community.


» fill + vacancy = cubrir una vacante.

Example: 'Look, Mel,' said James after the hiatus, 'I'm irritated at the convoluted mess this simple case of filling a vacancy has become'.

» job vacancy = oferta de empleo.

Example: Small ads and job vacancies may also be displayed in the library.

» occur + vacancy = darse una vacante.

Example: What we will do is to transfer the people that are now working on maintaining the catalog to the vacancies occurring throughout the library.

» position vacancy = puesto vacante.

Example: For instance, by adopting the 'Equal Opportunity Employer' policy an institution is ensuring that all qualified individuals are seriously considered for any position vacancy.

» staff vacancy = vacante de personal.

Example: Although acquisitions in the priority languages of Tamil, Persian, and Arabic have kept pace, processing has lagged behind because of unfilled staff vacancies.

Vacancy synonyms

void in spanish: , pronunciation: vɔɪd part of speech: noun, adjective emptiness in spanish: , pronunciation: emptinəs part of speech: noun
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