Vacation in spanish


pronunciation: bɑkɑθioʊnes part of speech: noun
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vacation1 = vacaciones. 

Example: Alternatively, the loan policy may be changed to make documents due when the vacation is over.


» be off on vacation = estar de vacaciones.

Example: I have been off on vacation and just got back.

» be on vacation = estar de vacaciones.

Example: Library use declines during the June-October period when examinations have finished and the students are on vacation.

» Easter vacation, the  = vacaciones de Semana Santa, las.

Example: Subject to demand it may also be possible to arrange a trip to Turkey in the Easter vacation.

» go on + vacations = ir de vacaciones.

Example: Some people also collect fridge magnets from everywhere they go on vacations.

» half term vacation = vacaciones de mitad de cuatrimestre. [Vacaciones que en el sistema anglosajón de enseñanza existen cada número determinado de semanas de clase]

Example: Half term vacation fell in part of a week, so that it does not show in the records, as there was borrowing activity in the same week.

» on vacation = de vacaciones.

Example: Many people while 'on vacation' placidly accept conditions they would reject as barbaric at all other times in their lives.

» set off on + vacation = marcharse de vacaciones, irse de vacaciones.

Example: But destiny played a dirty trick on them the day Sissi and her husband set off on vacation.

» summer vacation = vacaciones de verano.

Example: In this case, however, summer vacation resulted in universities and other institutions closing down completely right in the middle of her stay.

» take + a vacation = tomarse unas vacaciones.

Example: Canadian travellers aged 25 and over consider rest-and-relaxation to be an important benefit of taking a vacation or pleasure trip.

» vacation destination = destino turístico.

Example: This is the perfect vacation destination and visitors can stay where cavalrymen once bunkey.

» vacation home = casa de vacaciones.

Example: As a first time vacation home renter, the experience was like home away from home.

» vacation package = paquete de vacaciones, viaje organizado.

Example: Most sites provide meta searches for flights, hotels, cruises, and vacation packages.

» vacation period = período de vacaciones.

Example: Vacations periods are indicated by entering each day the library is closed.

» vacation resort = centro de vacaciones, centro turístico.

Example: Admission to a spa is often offered as a part of a complete package in a vacation resort.

vacation2 = irse de vacaciones, pasar las vacaciones. 

Example: They have waged campaigns aimed at discouraging Europeans from vacationing in Cuba.

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