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pronunciation: bɑkɑnte part of speech: adjective
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vacant = vacante, vacío, libre. 

Example: Again we find that only the first entry leads us to the specific subject, and the others may in fact lead us to `vacant' headings, ie headings under which no entries are filed.


» become + vacant = quedar vacante, quedar libre.

Example: Shortly after he began as director, he moved the library from a dingy Carnegie mausoleum to a downtown department store that had become vacant.

» leave + vacant = dejar vacante, dejar vacío, dejar libre, desocupar, desalojar.

Example: We cannot insert any of these subjects unless we use 629, for this is the only three figure number left vacant.

» vacant land = terrenos sin construir, parcela sin construir, solar.

Example: A survey of vacant land in urban areas of England is one of the many practical applications of geographic information systems (GIS).

» vacant lot = terreno sin construir, parcela sin construir, solar.

Example: A vest-pocket park may be as small as the space occupied by a single building in the surrounding community, and is often a converted vacant lot.

» vacant position = vacante, puesto vacante.

Example: Although there had been several applicants for the vacant position, no one had the qualifications and experience for the job.

» vacant post = vacante, puesto vacante.

Example: Hertfordshire Library Service has been experiencing a high turnover of professional staff and a dwindling number of applicants for vacant posts.

» vacant space = espacio vacío, espacio libre.

Example: A radical new approach was adopted by which returned materials would be shelved in the least accessible 16% of vacant space.

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empty in spanish: , pronunciation: empti part of speech: adjective
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