Vacuum in spanish


pronunciation: bɑθioʊ part of speech: noun
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vacuum1 = vacío. 

Example: Whilst valves work by passing electric currents through a vacuum between electrodes, transistors are built from materials called semiconductors.


» fill + vacuum = llenar un vacío.

Example: There were no plans to revive either branch, so the bookmobiles had to fill the vacuum as traveling branches.

» information vacuum = vacío informativo.

Example: One attempt to fill this information vacuum has been made by public reference librarians convinced that they have sorely needed information to offer.

» vacuum chamber = cámara al vacío.

Example: More serious is the objection that this scheme would involve putting the film inside a vacuum chamber, for electron beams behave normally only in such a rarefied environment.

» vacuum cleaner = aspiradora.

Example: He spent most of his career in the reference department from which he emerged well educated in local history and literature and well versed in the repair of the vacuum cleaner and window blinds.

» vacuum freeze drying = secado y congelado al vacío.

Example: This article describes a system of deacidifying and strengthening newsprint by vacuum freeze drying.

» vacuum packaging = envasado al vacío.

Example: Vacuum packaging increases storage life of food products by a factor 3 to 5.

» vacuum pump = bomba de vacío, bomba de aspiración, bomba neumática.

Example: We specialize in the design and manufacture of silencers for engines, rotary blowers, vents, compressors, vacuum pumps and turbines.

» vacuum soaking process, the = ?. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: In the vacuum soaking process paper is soaked in a watery neutralising liquid in a vacuum chamber.

» vacuum table = mesa al vacío.

Example: This article examines the use of a vacuum table since Jan 1989 for the conservation of paper, leather and parchment in topographical as well as portrait and map collections.

» Vienna vacuum chamber = ?.

Example: This article describes methods of strengthening and restoring paper which has suffered decay, including mercerisation, leaf casting, the Vienna vacuum chamber, polymerisation in situ, and paper splitting.

vacuum2 = pasar la aspiradora. 

Example: The hall must be swept, vacuumed and mopped after the function.


» vacuum-pack = envasar al vacío.

Example: The vegetables were then vacuum-packed, poached in water for 15 minutes and cooled rapidly to room temperature.

Vacuum synonyms

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