Validation in spanish


pronunciation: bɑlidɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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validation = validación, comprobación, reconocimiento, ratificación. 

Example: Often referred to as utilities, basic software packages are available for performing basic operations such as data entry and validation, sorting and merging files and editing data.


» data entry and validation package = paquete de entrada y comprobación de datos.

Example: A data entry and validation package typically allows the user to define a form to be displayed on a VDU, and by using a cursor, or other prompts, enables data to be entered in this format.

» revalidation = revalidación, ratificación. 

Example: Existing theories of crime demand fresh thinking & revalidation in view of its pervasive nature.

» validation test = test de validación, test de comprobación.

Example: The high accuracy level obtained by validation tests of this model supports its utility for the management of rhea populations in other cattle ranches of the region.

Validation synonyms

proof in spanish: , pronunciation: pruf part of speech: noun establishment in spanish: , pronunciation: ɪstæblɪʃmənt part of speech: noun proving in spanish: , pronunciation: pruvɪŋ part of speech: verb validating in spanish: , pronunciation: vælədeɪtɪŋ part of speech: adjective
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