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pronunciation: bɑloʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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value1 = valor, ventaja, importancia, prestación. 

Example: This stop list is input to the computer before indexing can commence, and is a list of the words which appear in text which have no value as access words in an index.


» accept + Nombre + at face value = aceptar tal cual, tomar en sentido literal.

Example: Shareholders and industry watchers can find it difficult to see the true state of a company if they accept the accounts at face value.

» added value = valor añadido.

Example: This will rationalize the system, avoid duplication and allow these users to benefit from the 'added value' of indexing and cataloguing = Esto racionalizará el sistema, evitará la duplicación y permitirá a estos usuarios que se beneficien del "valor añadido" de la indización y catalagoción.

» added-value services = servicios complementarios. [Servicios que una empresa presta como complementarios a la venta de un productor, como, por ejemplo, instalación y mantenimiento]

Example: This article discusses vendors' costs and profit margins and suggests librarians should expect either bigger discounts or more added-value services, but not both.

» add + value = añadir valor, dar valor, poner en valor.

Example: There are ways to add value to your home that might not have crossed your mind before.

» as an added value = como un valor añadido.

Example: Apart from being hard working, competent, and devoted, what can an employee do to be perceived as an added value to his or her boss?.

» assert + Posesivo + own ideas and values = hacer prevaler + Posesivo + propias ideas y valores .

Example: Nevertheless the librarian must avoid the opposite extreme and he must avoid betraying his own ideals of freedom by attempting to assert his own ideas and values.

» attach + prestige value = ser un símbolo de prestigio.

Example: It seems that a certain prestige value was attached to the possession of this roll as it was accessible only to the elite ('one of a thousand') among the population.

» attach + value to = asignar valor a.

Example: If, in addition, this new piece of information provides an important missing piece of the 'mental jigsaw' or helps to restructure it, we tend to attach greater value to it.

» be of little or no value = servir de poco o nada.

Example: The following remedies have been at various times suggested and have been found to be of little or no value.

» be of little value = ser de poco valor, tener poco valor.

Example: The goal may be of little value or of high scientific or cultural significance, but energy is put forth to accomplish a task.

» be of particular value = ser de un valor especial, tener un valor especial.

Example: The knowledge acquired during the development of this service is of particular value for other digitization projects.

» best value for money, the = mejor oferta, la; mejor relación calidad-precio, la.

Example: This article discusses ways of getting the best value for money in acquisitions = Este artículo trata de cómo obtener la mejor relación calidad-precio en las adquisiciones de libros.

» best value, the = mejor oferta, la.

Example: The best performing drive and the best value was judged to be the NEC MultiSpin 3Xi = Se decidió que la disquetera que mejor funcionaba y la mejor oferta era la NEC MultiSpin 3Xi.

» betray + Posesivo + values = traicionar + Posesivo + valores.

Example: So if ALA won't speak out when books are burned and librarians are tossed into the Cuban gulag, then they would betray the values drilled into us in graduate school.

» cash value = valor efectivo, al contado.

Example: In total 47 per cent of all books bought were impulse buys and this comprised 42 per cent of books sold by cash value.

» code of values = código de valores.

Example: Reading about the death of a fictional character can help adolescents develop a personal code of values.

» conflict of values = conflicto de valores, enfrentamiento de valores.

Example: The reason actions do not reflect thoughts and feeling in every case is the almost ever-present conflict of values which exists in any given situation.

» cultural value = valor cultural.

Example: Even the modern educational philosophy we espouse may be at variance with cultural values.

» deliver + value = dar calidad, prestar un servicio.

Example: Customers see no clear relationship between the price of an on-line information service and the value it delivers.

» economic value = valor económico.

Example: Librarians tend to overestimate the social value of information and ignore its economic value.

» establish + values = establecer valores.

Example: According to Freud, the latency period serves as a time for establishing standards and values.

» ethical value = valor ético.

Example: The role of ethical values in the profession, particularly in the practice of online reference, has been misconstrued.

» exercise + value judgment = emitir un juicio de valor.

Example: A computer can replace people in dull, routine tasks, but it has no originality; it works according to the instructions given to it and cannot exercise any value judgments.

» face value rule = regla del valor nominal. [Norma de comportamiento del bibliotecario por la cual debe limitarse a determinar sólo lo que el usuario busca y no lo que realmente necesita]

Example: Several possible rules governing the reference interview are examined; one calls for inquiry into client's underlying wants, 'the face value rule', another for inquiry into underlying needs, 'the purpose rule'.

» family values = valores familiares.

Example: The idea must be enforced that that librarians have a duty to prohibit access to information and ideas whenever such limits are necessary to preserve family values.

» give + value = valorar, dar valor, poner en valor.

Example: The only reason I like to give value to people, is that at the end of the day I always recesive more than I give.

» high-value = de alto valor, de gran valor, valioso.

Example: Growing high-value crops is the best way to make the most of your growing space.

» hold + value = tener valor.

Example: Art pieces not only hold value for the beholder, but are fast becoming a sound investment option.

» human value = valor humano.

Example: The article is entitled 'Egg Timers, Human Values, and the Care of Autistic Youths'.

» imbue with + value = dar valor.

Example: And like fiction writers, they will attempt to imbue them with life and meaning and value for the people who are investing their thoughts and time in their analysis.

» increase in + value = aumentar de valor.

Example: Tangible assets will increase in quantity and value from 27 per cent to 82 per cent.

» lose + Posesivo + value = perder valor, desvalorizarse, depreciarse.

Example: This suggests that core lists of serials might lose their value substantially over a relatively short time.

» lose + value = perder valor, desvalorizarse, depreciarse.

Example: If you are keeping your money under the mattress, in a safe in the basement, or anywhere that it's not earning interest, then your money is losing value to inflation as you read this.

» loss of value = pérdida de valor, depreciación, desvalorización.

Example: A suit was filed in 1985 for $31 Million for loss of value of the land.

» low-value = de bajo valor.

Example: The UK risks becoming a low-value economy after Brexit.

» marketing value = valor comercial.

Example: In many cases needs other than those of the user are driving the further introduction of the Internet into libraries, e. g. the glamour and marketing value of connectivity, and the egos of librarians = En muchos casos necesidades diferentes a las de los usuarios están fomentando aún más la introducción de Internet en las bibliotecas, por ej., el carisma y el valor comercial de la red y el ego del bibliotecario.

» medicinal value = valor medicinal, propiedad medicinal.

Example: These properties can be applied to the determine the medicinal value of extracts from rapeseed, rapeseed oil and white mustard.

» monetary value = valor monetario, valor económico.

Example: This article provides a description of rare books and some criteria for their identification: rarity, monetary value, age, limited editions and association.

» moral value = valor moral.

Example: Even librarians who believe in intellectual freedom are sometimes troubled by books which challenge their individual moral values.

» nominal value = valor nominal.

Example: Most people think that theft in the workplace -- even of an item of nominal value -- entitles an employer to dismiss an employee without an alternative, such as a final written warning.

» novelty value = valor de la novedad, atractivo de la novedad.

Example: We're all familiar with the idea of novelty value and how it wears off with time.

» nutrient value = valor nutritivo, valor nutricional.

Example: Cooking foods in purified water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value = El cocinar comida en agua purificada extrae los minerales de los alimentos y baja su valor nutricional.

» nutritional value = valor nutritivo.

Example: The experiment proved that some less popular vegetables such as cherry tomato, broccoli and fennel possessed high nutritional value.

» of great historical value = de gran valor histórico.

Example: The 300 people, students or other, who took over the premises also manhandled ancient works of great historical value.

» of value = de valor.

Example: The note area is the part of the description where it is permitted to include any additional information which the cataloguer feels may be of value to the user.

» overall value = valor global.

Example: On a 4 star rating, the drive was rated 4 on ease of installation, ease of use, and overall value; and 3 on product support.

» pass + a value judgement = emitir un juicio de valor.

Example: They learn to accept that things are done differently in different places and to abstain from passing a value judgment about such differences.

» personal value system = sistema de valores personales.

Example: In the past, personal value systems, social value systems, worldviews, & ideologies each may have been given the generic label 'values'.

» place + value on = dar valor a, dar importancia a, considerar importante.

Example: In contrast, translingual and transcultural competence places value on the ability to operate between languages.

» political value = valor político.

Example: Librarians must resist attempts to impose social and political values on libraries and uphold the idea of intellectual freedom.

» property value = valor de la propiedad.

Example: The main justifications, couched mostly in race-neutral terms, were that the squatters would increase crime, decrease property values, spread disease, & despoil the natural environment.

» prove + Posesivo + value = demostrar + Posesivo + valía, demostrar + Posesivo + valor.

Example: As the services prove their value and as librarians and their clientele continue to push for subsidization, society and the legislators will gradually accept the notion that at least some of these new expensive services are deserving of support.

» provide + (good) value for money = no rendir lo suficiente.

Example: At the centre of the row over the 'bonus culture' is the view that certain people are getting money for old rope -- that they're working the system and not providing good value for money.

» reduce + the value = reducir el valor.

Example: Owners of rare and valuable books face a special dilemma -- identification marks can be disfigurements and actually reduce the value of the books.

» set of values = conjunto de valores, escala de valores.

Example: The library and information profession is built not only on a body of skills and knowledge but on a set of values inherent in the services it provides.

» singular value decomposition = descomposición por valores simples.

Example: This article describes a new method for automatic indexing and retrieval based on singular value decomposition, a matrix decomposition technique related to factor analysis.

» social value = valor social.

Example: Moral objections are the most prominent, though these are contingent on current cultural & social values, which may shift, as evidenced by the growing acceptance of surrogate mothers, sperm banks, & the sale of body parts.

» social value system = sistema de valores sociales.

Example: In the past, personal value systems, social value systems, worldviews, & ideologies each may have been given the generic label 'values'.

» system of values = sistema de valores.

Example: A system of values lifts the librarian from preoccupation with the mundane and points him towards what is truly important.

» take + Nombre + at face value = aceptar tal cual, tomar en sentido literal.

Example: Some librarians find it more comfortable to stifle their professional consciences and take the question at its face value, disregarding any suspicion they may feel that it is not what the enquirer really needs.

» undermine + traditional values = minar los valores tradicionales.

Example: As part of an imported culture libraries may be associated with influences undermining traditional values and self-confidence and with the propagation of negative values such as consumerism.

» value-added = de valor añadido, de calidad.

Example: Since then, SCI CD Edition has won accolades for its value-added features, sophistication, and flexibility.

» value added network services (VANS) = servicios de red de valor añadido (VANS).

Example: This article considers local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), value added network services (VANSs), ISDN, 'wireless' and optical network.

» value added network (VAN) = VAN (red de valor añadido).

Example: Her article notes developments of VANs (value added networks) and CD-ROM.

» value added tax (VAT) = impuesto sobre el valor añadido (IVA).

Example: These 'own resources' comprise agricultural and sugar levies, customs duties and a percentage of value added tax (VAT).

» value-adding = de valor añadido. [Adjetivo]

Example: The author argues that librarians are in a position to transform themselves into 'value adding knowledge professionals'.

» value adding = adición de valor. [Nombre]

Example: The interaction environment is also intended to support value adding of electronic documents.

» value chain = valores añadidos, valores agregados, cadena de valores, cadena de la comercialización. [Secuencia de procesos por el que pasa un producto desde la materia prima hasta llegar al consumidor, cada uno de los cuales le añade más valor]

Example: This article warns libraries of confusing the concept of the value chain and value added services with the user pays principle.

» value-driven = centrado en los valores.

Example: Assessment of these implications and their probable outcomes is unavoidably value-driven.

» value for money = buena relación calidad-precio, rentable, uso óptimo de los recursos, rentabilidad, ganga.

Example: Libraries are being expected to justify their services in terms of value for money.

» value judgement = juicio de valor.

Example: The value judgments need not be the same.

» value-loaded = con juicio de valor.

Example: Avoid value-loaded words, aim for neutrality.

» value statement = declaración de principios.

Example: At the time of writing, a 'value statement' is being prepared by the group together with guidelines for determining such local objectives and related performance measures.

» value system = sistema de valores.

Example: Male heavy and light readers are found to have value systems so discrepant as to constitute almost distinct subcultures.

value2 = valor, dato, contenido. [Información contenida en un campo de un registro o plantilla de trabajo]

Example: A good initial value for this field will start the system off with a good guess so that claims for missing issues are not unreasonable at the beginning.


» attribute value = valor, dato.

Example: Others have used possibility distributions for representing fuzzily known or incompletely known attribute values.

» calorific value = valor calorífico.

Example: The calorific value of a fuel is the heat available from that fuel when it is completely burned.

» crisp value = valor numérico exacto.

Example: A disease or a condition can be described by a number of symptoms which may be crisp alphanumeric values or fuzzy terms such as 'high' or 'normal'.

» default value = valor por omisión.

Example: And now change the indicator back to the default value.

» Discrimination Value model (DV) = método del Valor de Discriminación (DV).

Example: This study compares the Two-Poisson (2P), Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) and Discrimination Value (DV) models of document representation.

» eigenvalue = valor representativo, valor característico.

Example: The coefficients of eigenvectors associated with the largest eigenvalue provide the basis for sequencing atoms which are ordered according to the relative magnitudes of the coefficients.

» filing value = valor de ordenación.

Example: Any symbols other than letters and numbers need to have their filing value defined.

» mean value = valor medio.

Example: Immediately after the recognition of a cardiac cycle the program calculates mean values over a given time or a given number of beats.

» numerical value = valor numérico.

Example: The author shows that in most practical cases Salton's cosine formula yields a numerical value that is twice Jaccard's index.

» offset value = posición de comienzo.

Example: Once the data diskette has been packed, records saved on it may have new offset values.

» ph value = grado de acidez.

Example: After treatment, the ph value, the alkali content and the tensile strength were determined.

» retention value = valor de retención.

Example: This technique was used to predict the chromatographic retention values of steroids.

value3 = valorar, poner en valor. 

Example: Often, the facilities offered by a co-operative may not be as sophisticated as those available from software vendors, but the support of a group of libraries is valued.


» overvalue = sobrevalorar, sobreestimar.

Example: The quoted figures are used as a framework for a discussion of the dangers of overvaluing the electronic information industry.

» revalue = reevaluar. 

Example: If librarians wish to enhance their status a positive effort must be made to revalue their contribution to the ever increasing needs of the profession.

» revalue = revalorizar. 

Example: The article 'Revaluing women's work' illustrates how reports of work can provide a vehicle for elevating the perceived value of women's work.

» undervalue [under-value] = desvalorizar, infravalorar.

Example: The latter statement undervalues long-established interests of SLIS in the field of information and ignores frequently attested movement of SLIS personnel into non-library information posts.

» value + Nombre + highly = valorar Algo mucho, dar mucho valor a Algo.

Example: People value the public library highly as an educational and community resource and the library acts as an 'information junction' to bind the community together.

Value synonyms

rate in spanish: , pronunciation: reɪt part of speech: noun appreciate in spanish: , pronunciation: əpriʃieɪt part of speech: verb assess in spanish: , pronunciation: əses part of speech: verb respect in spanish: , pronunciation: rɪspekt part of speech: noun measure in spanish: , pronunciation: meʒɜr part of speech: noun, verb evaluate in spanish: , pronunciation: ɪvæljueɪt part of speech: verb esteem in spanish: , pronunciation: əstim part of speech: noun treasure in spanish: , pronunciation: treʒɜr part of speech: noun prize in spanish: , pronunciation: praɪz part of speech: noun appraise in spanish: , pronunciation: əpreɪz part of speech: verb prise in spanish: , pronunciation: praɪz part of speech: verb note value in spanish: , pronunciation: noʊtvælju part of speech: noun economic value in spanish: , pronunciation: ekənɑmɪkvælju part of speech: noun time value in spanish: , pronunciation: taɪmvælju part of speech: noun

Value antonyms

disrespect pronunciation: dɪsrɪspekt part of speech: noun disesteem pronunciation: dɪsɪstim part of speech: noun
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