Waffle in spanish


pronunciation: goʊfɹ̩e part of speech: noun
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waffle1 = gofre. 

Example: It would be nice for libraries to practice more creative cross-referencing, for instance introducing cross-references from Flapjacks and Hotcakes to the primary heading, PANCAKES, waffles, etc.; or from 'Coke' and 'Snow' to COCAINE.


» waffle iron = molde para hacer gofres, plancha para hacer gofres.

Example: Whisk ingredients together, pour into oiled waffle iron, and cook on medium heat until steam starts coming out of the sides.

waffle2 = palabrería, verborrea. 

Example: Gordon is no more a friend of democratic rights for all his waffle about giving 'power to the people'.

waffle3 = hablar por hablar, hablar sin decir nada. 

Example: In the last presidential election voters said they were turned off by leaders who waffled.

Waffle synonyms

bull in spanish: , pronunciation: bʊl part of speech: noun fake in spanish: , pronunciation: feɪk part of speech: adjective, noun
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