Wag in spanish


pronunciation: meneoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

wag1 = meneo, movimiento, sacudida. [Generalmente referido al movimiento de la cola de los animales]

Example: On the morning of the 5th day I went to her and when I called her name she responded with a few wags of her tail.


» chinwag = cháchara, palique, parloteo.

Example: The frisson of excitement that accompanied these late-night chinwags was due in part to our fascination with death.

» chinwag = estar de cháchara, estar de palique, darle al palique, estar de parloteo, charlar.

Example: After a pleasant few hours chinwagging, eating and drinking, we ventured out into the Parisian night and home.

» tail wagging the dog = empezar la casa por el tejado.

Example: Such an approach is much like the tail wagging the dog.

» wagtail = aguzanieves, lavandera, motacilla.

Example: Wagtail overwinters in areas of Southeast Asia and Indonesia where outbreaks of avian flu have occurred.

wag2 = bromista, gracioso, guasón, ganso, chistoso. 

Example: As one wag quipped, 'She came here saying that she never met a person she didn't like -- then she met Tilly the Hun!'.

wag3 = menear, mover, sacudir. [Generalmente usado para referirse al movimiento de la cola de los animales]

Example: Perhaps the most common misinterpretation of dogs is the myth that a dog wagging its tail is happy and friendly.


» set + (the) tongues wagging = dar que hablar, dar de qué hablar, dar que decir.

Example: In this edition we want to take a look back at some of the breakups that set the tongues wagging.

» tongues + start + wagging = la gente + empezar + a chismorrear.

Example: Then they sat together at the velodrome this week, and tongues started wagging.

» wag + Posesivo + finger = regañar con el dedo levantado.

Example: Arizona governor says she meant no disrespect when wagging her finger at Obama.

Wag synonyms

card in spanish: , pronunciation: kɑrd part of speech: noun wit in spanish: , pronunciation: wɪt part of speech: noun shake in spanish: , pronunciation: ʃeɪk part of speech: verb, noun waggle in spanish: , pronunciation: wægəl part of speech: noun, verb
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