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pronunciation: sɑlɑɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: noun
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wage1 = paga, salario. [Normalmente usado en el plural]

Example: For example, in a general index salaries, wages and income may be regarded as equivalent, but in an index devoted to taxation, it may be important to differentiate between these terms and their associated concepts.


» decent wage = salario digno.

Example: This institution provides decent wage labor in an area that would otherwise be economically destitute.

» family wage = ingresos familiares.

Example: This makes mockery of the idea of a 'family wage' earned by the man on which wage negotiations and the idea of keeping women out of work are founded.

» living wage = salario mínimo, salario digno.

Example: The article 'Highway robbery or a living wage' suggests that the solution to the problems faced by serious writers might be a living wage.

» minimum wage, the = salario mínimo, el. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: Some abstractors reject honoraria since they find that abstracting yields much less than the minimum wage.

» principal wage earner = perceptor principal. [Persona que en una familia aporta los mayores benificios económicos a la misma]

Example: This Act challenges programs that have different retirement requirements for men and women, different rules for the 'head of the household' or 'principal wage earner'.

» wage control = control de los salarios.

Example: That's what price ceilings and wage controls are for -- to keep prices down.

» wage discrimination = discriminación salarial.

Example: In addition to issues of undervaluation of the library profession, the focus is on intraoccupational intentional wage discrimination.

» wage earner = asalariado, trabajador, trabajador asalariado.

Example: Research shows that families choosing to educate their children at home are located all over the USA and that the majority are traditional in the sense that the father is the principal wage earner and the mother the teacher.

» wage-earning = asalariado, remunerado.

Example: The author addresses the issue of the non-use of public libraries by the poor, the illiterate, semi-literate and the emergent wage-earning labouring class.

» wage garnishment = embargo de sueldo, embargo salarial, embargo de salario, embargo de nómina.

Example: Regardless of your personal feelings about wage garnishment, the best interest of your company is to handle things with tact and consideration.

» wage negotiation = negociación salarial.

Example: This makes mockery of the idea of a 'family wage' earned by the man on which wage negotiations and the idea of keeping women out of work are founded.

wage2 = disputar, contender, luchar, someter. 

Example: It is as if libraries find themselves once again mired down in the bureaucratic information policy firefights waged during the Reagan and Bush administrations (1980-1992).


» wage + battle = librar una batalla.

Example: This article suggests that it is time for women librarians to wage the feminist battle on other fronts than pay equity.

» wage + war (against/on) = hacer la guerra (contra/a), luchar (contra), guerrear (contra).

Example: The story of Muhammad's conquest of Khaybar disproves the theory that Muslims only wage war in self-defense.

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