Waistband in spanish


pronunciation: pɹ̩etinɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

waistband = cinturilla, pretina. 

Example: Dress casually when pregnant by wearing breathable fabrics, bright colors, pants with adjustable waistbands.


» elastic waistband = cinturilla elástica.

Example: Other pants stay up because they have an elastic waistband that stretches to fit.

Waistband synonyms

sash in spanish: , pronunciation: sæʃ part of speech: noun girdle in spanish: , pronunciation: gɜrdəl part of speech: noun cincture in spanish: , pronunciation: sɪŋktʃɜr part of speech: noun waistcloth in spanish: , pronunciation: weɪsklɑθ part of speech: noun
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