Waist in spanish


pronunciation: θintuɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun
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waist = cintura, talle. 

Example: Library staff and volunteers used power boats and struggled waist high in water to rescue books and files.


» strip from + the waist downwards = desnudarse de la cintura para abajo, quitarse la ropa de la cintura para abajo, desvestirse de la cintura para abajo.

Example: Dope tests are usually done with the athletes stripped from the waist downwards and with the same sex officials in the room.

» strip from + the waist upwards = desnudarse de la cintura para arriba, quitarse la ropa de la cintura para arrija, desvertirse de la cintura para arriba.

Example: hI hate X-rays and scan cos they always make me strip from the waist upwards.

» waistband = cinturilla, pretina.

Example: Dress casually when pregnant by wearing breathable fabrics, bright colors, pants with adjustable waistbands.

» waistcoat = chaleco.

Example: Costumes from the museum's collections include women's dresses and their intricate accoutrements, bonnets and shoes; men's suits and waistcoats; and children's clothes.

» waist deep = hasta la cintura, que llega hasta la cintura, a la altura de la cintura.

Example: More than a score or two of the young female members waded the stream that in places was waist deep.

» waist gunner = artillero lateral. [En los bombarderos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial principalmente, soldado que manejaba la artillería montada en los lados del avión]

Example: Early waist gunner positions were directly across from each other, often causing the gunners to bump into one another and getting entangled in each other's oxygen lines.

» waist high = hasta la cintura, que llega hasta la cintura, a la altura de la cintura.

Example: The shepherd led them across meadows where the warm, scented grass grew nearly waist high, toward the mighty waterfall.

» waist length = hasta la cintura, que llega hasta la cintura.

Example: Since hair only grows an average of ½-inch per month, waist-length hair would require at least six years of growth.

» waistline = cintura, talle.

Example: Pear-shaped bodies carry their extra weight below the waistline, and do not seem to have as high a risk of developing health problems like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure.

» wasp waist = cintura de avispa.

Example: Let us consider the wasp waist, beloved of the Victorians and in fashion up to the early years of this century.

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