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pronunciation: espeɹ̩ɑndoʊ part of speech: noun, adjective
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wait2 = esperar. 

Example: Otherwise documents will have to wait in cataloguing departments until the record does become available.


» accident waiting to happen = accidente seguro, problema seguro, bomba de relojería.

Example: More than a quarter of motorists are 'an accident waiting to happen' because they drive too close to the vehicle in front on motorways.

» all things come to those who wait = tiempo al tiempo, todo le llega a aquel que espera, la paciencia es una virtud, en la paciencia esta la virtud.

Example: I have been patiently waiting for summer so that I can get out on my porch and I am sure that it will come just as all things come to those who wait.

» await = esperar.

Example: Comment published so far is favourable, but the code still awaits widespread adoption.

» can't/couldn't wait to + Infinitivo = no poder esperar más para, faltar tiempo para, faltar pies para.

Example: Do you remember the time when we couldn't wait to grow up?.

» disaster waiting to happen = desastre seguro, problema seguro, bomba de relojería.

Example: She's got trouble written all over her face, she's a disaster waiting to happen.

» everything comes to those who wait = tiempo al tiempo, todo le llega a aquel que espera, la paciencia es una virtud, en la paciencia esta la virtud.

Example: She will undoubtedly prove that everything comes to those who wait and her time is definitely here.

» good things come to those who wait = tiempo al tiempo, todo le llega a aquel que espera, la paciencia es una virtud, en la paciencia está la virtud, lo bueno se hace esperar.

Example: I don't believe that old cliche that good things come to those who wait -- I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can't sit still.

» keep + Pronombre + waiting = hacer + Pronombre + esperar.

Example: As Ruttenberg hurried in she said 'Hi, sorry to keep you waiting'.

» the best things come to those who wait = tiempo al tiempo, todo le llega a aquel que espera, la paciencia es una virtud, en la paciencia está la virtud.

Example: I am not a big fan of rushing into things -- as they say easy come, easy go or the best things come to those who wait or if it's not worth waiting for its not worth having.

» wait for = esperar.

Example: Please accept this from the person who was probably the biggest sceptic in the State of Ohio at the beginning -- if we had waited for this from the start, I think we never would have started.

» wait (for) + an eternity = esperar una eternidad, dar las uvas.

Example: If we wait for our useless, do-nothing elected officials to fix the problem, we'll have to wait for an eternity.

» wait for + better times = esperar mejores tiempos.

Example: All we can do is sit tight, accept cuts in our living standards, and wait for better times to return.

» wait in + the wings = esperar su oportunidad, esperar su momento, esperar entre bastidores.

Example: The author brings us up to date on developments in a technology that still appears to be waiting in the wings.

» wait on = servir a, ser criado de.

Example: Leo isn't one to daydream of waiting on her man -- in fact, if she has daydreams of this nature, they will be dreams of the man waiting on her.

» wait on + Nombre + hand and foot = tener de criado, desvivirse por.

Example: I have an 87 year old mother who believes my only purpose in this world is to wait on her hand and foot.

» wait + Posesivo + turn = esperar el turno de Uno.

Example: I think they should wait their turn like everyone else.

» wait + tables = trabajar de camarero.

Example: When I waited tables/bartendered in Virginia, we were able to cork a bottle and bag it if a customer didn't finish it.

» wait up = esperar, esperar levantado, esperar despierto.

Example: Don't wait up for her tonight 'cause she won't be coming home.

» while-you-wait [while-u-wait] = al instante, al momento, sobre la marcha, en el acto.

Example: While-you-wait copying facilities are available in a number of reading rooms.

waiting = espera. 

Example: Perhaps a little waiting on the part of the Library of Congress is good if we're going in the direction of international cooperation.


» put on + a waiting list = poner en lista de espera.

Example: If a class is filled to capacity, please contact the secretary and ask to be put on a waiting list.

» waiting area = zona de espera.

Example: For your convenience, public restrooms are located near the waiting area.

» waiting line = cola, cola de espera.

Example: Some of you may think waiting lines are only long during the holidays, but retailers know the checkout line can be long any time of the year.

» waiting list = lista de espera.

Example: The numbers of readers rose rapidly until in 1981, with a membership of 392, a waiting list was established.

» waiting period = período de espera, tiempo de espera.

Example: This article presents a fuzzy system of determining the required waiting period after traffic accidents.

» waiting room = sala de espera.

Example: It could even be arranged so that he can do this by a stylus scheme, such as is now employed in the teleautograph seen in railroad waiting rooms.

» waiting staff = amareros, camareros y camareras.

Example: The average working hours for waiting staff may be between 30-35 hours per week.

» waiting time = tiempo de espera.

Example: The number of pages available for display is limited to about a hundred because of the acceptable waiting time for a page to be presented.

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wait in spanish: , pronunciation: weɪt part of speech: verb ready in spanish: , pronunciation: redi part of speech: adjective ready and waiting in spanish: , pronunciation: rediændweɪtɪŋ
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