Waking in spanish


pronunciation: despeɹ̩tɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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wake3 = despertarse. 

Example: It is often difficult for a person to return to sleep after waking from a nightmare.


» wake up = despertar, despabilar, espabilar.

Example: I do anticipate, however, that we will wake up sooner or later to this enormous competitive threat.

» wake up + early = despertarse temprano, despertarse pronto.

Example: To wake up early, go to bed early.

» wake up in + a cold sweat = despertarse empapado en sudor frío.

Example: At about 4 am this morning I suddenly woke up in a cold sweat with severe pain under my rib cage.

» wake up on + the wrong side of the bed = levantarse con el pie izquierdo.

Example: We all have a grouch in our lives and if we wake up on the wrong side of the bed or take our daily mean pill, at the very nicest, we have been described as a 'grouch'.

» wake up to = percatarse de, darse cuenta de.

Example: A few libraries have woken up to this new demand and are doing something.

» wake up to = despertarse con.

Example: When they left it was tipping it down with rain, with bolts of lightning all around them, but on Sunday they woke up to glorious sunshine.

» wake up to + reality = despertar a la realidad, darse cuenta de la realidad.

Example: Change is close by, the truth grows stronger everyday, people are waking up to reality by the millions.

» wake up to + the realities = despertar a la realidad, darse cuenta de la realidad.

Example: Unless employees wake up to the realities and start making some additional savings, they are likely to end up with a shock when they reach retirement.

» wake (up) with + a start = despertarse sobresaltado, despertarse de/con un sobresalto.

Example: Suddently the felt a shock, as if the entire earth had woken up with a start, and then they heard a roll of thunder.



» waking day = horas activas. [En inglés, esta expresión connota las horas en que una persona está despierta]

Example: During as much as one fourth of his waking day the average adult is engaged in one or another of these activities.

» waking dream = sueño despierto.

Example: To be a novel reader or a suburbanite is to be in a waking dream.

» waking hours = horas activas. [En inglés, esta expresión connota las horas en que una persona está despierta]

Example: Librarians, led by men like Melvil Dewey, spent the majority of their waking hours attempting to reduce library work to a 'mechanical art', and their mind-numbing articles weighed heavily upon the pages of 'Library Journal'.

» waking time = horas en las que Uno está despierto.

Example: My baby is 2 months old, he spends most of his waking time either whining or whimpering, only occasionally seems content.

Waking antonyms

sleeping pronunciation: slipɪŋ part of speech: noun
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