Waiver in spanish


pronunciation: renunθiɑ part of speech: noun
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waiver = dispendio, exención. 

Example: Law centres employ qualified lawyers and they receive a waiver from the Law Society that allows them to provide their services free of charge.


» collision damage waiver (CDW) = seguro de colisión.

Example: Unless you have taken out something called collision damage waiver (CDW) then having even a minor accident in a hired car could prove very expensive indeed.

» tuition waiver = matrícula gratuita.

Example: A regular, full-time employee is eligible for tuition waiver or defrayal for courses taken at any public institution.

» waiver form = documento de renuncia.

Example: By completing the form, we agree that the expenses established in the waiver form will be liability of and paid for by the insurance company.

Waiver synonyms

release in spanish: , pronunciation: rilis part of speech: noun, verb discharge in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪstʃɑrdʒ part of speech: noun, verb
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