Year in spanish


pronunciation: ɑnjoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

year1 = año. 

Example: Over the past two to three years the numbers of full text data bases and data banks has started to escalate considerably.


» 12-year molar = segundo molar.

Example: Almost every school boy feels he has outgrown his infancy when his six-year molars erupt and that he is nearing manhood when his 12-year molars appear.

» academic year = año académico. [En un centro de enseñanza, período durante el cual se imparten clases y se hacen exámenes y tanto profesores como alumnos están obligados a asistir]

Example: Periodically, the paid fines can be removed from the fines file (for instance, at the end of a fiscal or academic year).

» accounting year = año contable, año fiscal, ejercicio económico, ejercicio fiscal.

Example: Short-term plans, on the other hand, usually coincide with the accounting year.

» a couple of years ago = hace un par de años.

Example: We could begin such a service by adding to the directory of social services done a couple of years ago.

» a dozen years = doce años.

Example: It was a dozen years later that the first central electric power station was built; a decade was to pass before the automobile was invented, and nearly three decades before the first airplane flew.

» advanced in years = de edad avanzada, de avanzada edad, metido en años, entrado en años.

Example: It has been some time since he had the ability to construct anything as he is advanced in years now.

» a few years ago = hace unos pocos años.

Example: Until a few years ago, the Internet was available only to institutions that could afford the high cost of an Internet mode.

» a great many years ago = hace muchísimos años.

Example: To point out that this question was answered a great many years ago is, as the lawyers say, 'incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial'.

» all those years = todos esos años.

Example: Nor did they know that their father had kidnapped Jaycee and held her in captivity all those years.

» all year (a)round = todo el año.

Example: It is summer at the moment but a sledge makes a great birthday present all year round for adults and children alike.

» any time of the year = en cualquier época del año.

Example: Some of you may think waiting lines are only long during the holidays, but retailers know the checkout line can be long any time of the year.

» around this time of year = en esta época del año.

Example: Around this time of year, professors are up to their eyeballs in work and. are likely handling lots of requests for reference letters.

» as the year + wear on = a medida que + pasar + el año, a medida que + transcurrir + el año, a medida que + avanzar + el año, conforme + pasar + el año, conforme + transcurrir + el año, conforme + avanzar + el año.

Example: He began his last year well enough, but as the year wore on and graduation day loomed up he became less interested than usual in anything to do with school.

» at this time of (the) year = en esta época del año.

Example: At this time of year, the boats at the floating market are full to the gunwales with sweet potatoes, cabbages, carrots and spring onions.

» a year ago = hace un año.

Example: If anyone had mentioned galleys to me a year ago, I would have thought of ancient ships powered by oarsmen, Ben-Hur style.

» a year ahead of = un año antes de.

Example: It could be issued to libraries at least a year ahead of user requirements.

» a year ahead of schedule = un año antes de lo previsto, con una antelación de un año.

Example: By Dec 74, a year ahead of schedule, the restoration department was able to close.

» be around for thousands of years = existir desde hace miles de años.

Example: Despite man being around for thousands of years, yet there are many discovered and undiscovered underwater caves all over the world.

» be around for years = existir desde hace años.

Example: Several examples are the veritable overnight adoption of FAX transmission, even though the technology had been around for years.

» be full of years = estar cargado de años, ser viejo, cargar con muchos años sobre los hombros.

Example: Jacob is old and full of years = Jacob es viejo y carga con muchos años sobre sus hombros.

» be some years old = estar un poco anticuado.

Example: Armstrong Sperry's 'Call It Courage' is now some years old but still to my mind an attractive and alive book.

» be years ahead of + Posesivo + time = estar muy por delante de su tiempo, adelantarse a + Posesivo + tiempo, adelantarse a + Posesivo + época.

Example: Dewey was years ahead of his time in making some notational provision for this.

» be years away = estar a años de distancia.

Example: Much research is being done in the area, but the optimal solution to these routing problems is still years away.

» be year(s) before = pasar año(s) antes de que.

Example: In conclusion, in terms of the future of automated catalogs, the Wright brothers have just flown and it will be many years before the supersonic transport catalog is generally available for the majority of libraries.

» bicentennial year = bicentenario.

Example: As part of the celebration of its bicentennial year, the Library of Congress hosted a conference from November 15-17, 2000.

» budget year = año presupuestario, año fiscal, ejercicio fiscal, año económico, año financiero.

Example: The federal government kicked off the 2013 budget year with a $120 billion deficit in October, a $22 billion increase from this time last year.

» business year = año fiscal, ejercicio económico, ejercicio fiscal.

Example: Results indicated 78 percent expected 1974 to be a better business year than 1973.

» calendar year = año natural, año civil, año del calendario.

Example: Vital statistics data relating to natality provide demographic and health data for births occurring during the calendar year = Las estadísticas demográficas relacionadas con la natalidad proporcionan información demográfica y de salud de los nacimientos que ocurren durante el año natural.

» donkey's years = un porrón de tiempo, la tira de tiempo, siglos.

Example: It had been donkey's years since she'd been to Mandeville and she was looking forward to seeing the place again.

» down the years = a través de los años.

Example: Down the years, the information industry has mapped out for itself the categories of information with which it is prepared to deal.

» during the early years = durante los primeros años.

Example: In World War 2 librarians generally sympathised with Britain, but many were isolationist or apathetic during the early years = En la Segunda Guerra Mundial los bibliotecarios generalmente simpatizaban con Gran Bretaña, aunque muchos mantuvieron una actitud no intervencionista o indiferente durante los primeros años.

» during the next few years = durante los próximos años.

Example: Of all the factors influencing the on-line information services industry during the next few years, telephone deregulation could well be the most important.

» during the past couple of years = durante los dos últimos años, en los dos últimos años.

Example: One of the major talking points on the electronic publishing scene during the past couple of years has been the need for internationally recognised standards.

» during the past few years = durante los últimos años, en los últimos años.

Example: During the past few years much importance has been attached to the study of the number, structure and behavior of the chromosomes.

» each year = todos los años, cada año.

Example: A great deal of money is invested in different methods of information retrieval, and the amount increases each year.

» earlier in the year = hacia principios de(l) año, hacia comienzos de(l) año.

Example: The economy has speeded up in second quarter after a bumpy ride earlier in the year.

» earlier (on) this year = hace unos meses este (mismo) año, hace poco este (mismo) año. [Pero siempre dentro de este año en el que estamos]

Example: He was discharged from the Navy earlier this year for testing positive for cocaine use.

» earlier years = años anteriores, antaño.

Example: Overall findings indicate that while the amount of research reported is remaining stable, the methods have improved somewhat in 1974, as compared to earlier years.

» earth year = año terrestre.

Example: In principle a spaceship could travel eight light years in ten earth years.

» end of the year = fin de año, de fin de año.

Example: The party raged into the early morning hours drawing the attention of police, who have increased patrols in the area because of end of the year partying.

» end-year = de final de año.

Example: The article 'End-year management of information' explores the nature of data base management systems that manage information from on-line public access catalogues (OPACs).

» every few years = cada pocos años.

Example: They agreed to publish a new edition at appropriate intervals, for example every few years.

» every year = todos los años, cada año.

Example: She stood on her head every year on her birthday to prove she still could do it.

» financial year = año económico, año financiero, año fiscal, ejercicio fiscal.

Example: The Community presents its expenditure plans in annual budget proposals, the financial year running from January to December.

» first year = estudiante universitario de primer año.

Example: They have a mentoring system in place whereby older students take some responsibility for first years within the induction week.

» first-year student = estudiante universitario de primer año.

Example: One wondered, did daring first-year students lose their nerve at the last minute and kneel as evidence that their audacity in approaching this 'holy of holies' was tempered by the proper reverence?.

» fiscal year = año fiscal, ejercicio fiscal, año económico, año financiero.

Example: Periodically, the paid fines can be removed from the fines file (for instance, at the end of a fiscal or academic year).

» five-year period = período de cinco años, quinquenio.

Example: The views of a sample of parents with children in secondary schools in London were examined over a five-year period.

» following year, the = año siguiente, el; siguiente año, el.

Example: The New Zealand Government's fiscal year begins on 1 July and concludes on 30 June of the following year.

» for a number of years = durante varios años, durante un período de tiempo.

Example: So, unlike most state association or municipal library awarded grants, there was no stipulation of indenture to a state or a library for a number of years if the award was accepted.

» for donkey's years = durante un porrón de tiempo, durante la tira de tiempo.

Example: This debate has been going for donkey's years and it's not simply worth the effort any more!.

» for thousands of years = durante miles de años.

Example: In one form or another, cashiers have been around for thousands of years.

» for many years = durante muchos años, desde hace muchos años.

Example: Indexes have used controlled-language indexing and authority lists for many years.

» for many years now = desde hace muchos años.

Example: For many years now, scientists have understood that the onset of cancer is a gradual, stepwise process that may unfold over the course of decades.

» for many years to come = durante muchos años. [Referido al futuro]

Example: The traditional information sources will continue to play an important role for many years to come.

» for most of the year = durante la mayor parte del año, durante la mayoría del año.

Example: Passing through mile after mile of surf beaches with hardly a soul to be seen for most of the year, you'll enjoy the solitude in an untouched wilderness.

» for several years = durante varios años.

Example: Nevertheless, funding proved a problem for several years.

» for several years + Pretérito Perfecto = desde hace varios años + Presente.

Example: For several years the library has had a successful arrangement with a local bookstore to supply it with unusual and important local material that would otherwise fall through the net of its collection development effort = Desde hace varios años, la biblioteca mantiene un acuerdo satisfactorio con una librería local para que le suministre fondo local importante y poco común que, de otro modo, se le escaparía en el desarrollo de la colección.

» for some years = durante algunos años.

Example: These two lists have formed the basis of indexing practice, theory, and discussion in respect of alphabetical subject catalogues for some years.

» for some years now = desde hace ya algunos años.

Example: For some years now, there has been proof that the devastating effects of the traumatization of children take their inevitable toll on society.

» for the best part of the year = durante casi todo el año, durante la mayor parte del año.

Example: Too warm and humid, and for the best part of the year flies and other insects made the drying of fish extremely difficult, if not impossible.

» for the next few years = durante los próximos años.

Example: There is no doubt that this scheme deserves to succeed, but we live in a harsh world, where success tends to go to the successful rather than to the deserving, and one can only reserve judgement for the next few years.

» for the past few years = en los últimos años, durante los últimos años.

Example: For the past few years or so, I have noticed that I can hear and feel my femur occasionally popping out of my hip socket = Durante los últimos años, más o menos, he notado que puedo escuchar y sentir cómo el fémur se me sale de la cadera.

» for the time of year = para esta época del año, para la época del año.

Example: Wear appropriate footwear, and wear clothing appropriate for the time of year.

» for the year ahead = para el año próximo.

Example: The document outlines the organisation's vision for the future, its objectives and core values, and contains an action plan for the year ahead.

» for the years ahead = para el futuro.

Example: The challenge for the years ahead is to work creatively with a multiplicity of sources.

» for the years to come = para el futuro, en el futuro.

Example: In 1973 the Committee accepted cooperation in the Universal Bibliographic Control project as its main task for the years to come.

» for years = durante años, desde hace años, desde hace muchos años.

Example: He's been our paperboy for years, and he's never been late one morning.

» for years and years (and years) = durante años y años, durante muchos años.

Example: The work that he has left will live on for years and years.

» for years now = desde hace ya años.

Example: Secondly, we have been beaten with the idea for years now that we should catalog a work once and only once.

» for years on end = durante años y años.

Example: Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end.

» for years past = desde hace años.

Example: For years past, the harpies of power have been industriously inculcating the idea that all our difficulties proceed from the impotency of Congress.

» for years to come = durante muchos años.

Example: Ward's study is likely to remain a standard reference source for years to come, but trying to sort out the generalities from the particularities is a very difficult business.

» for + Cuantificador + years to come = a partir de ahora y durante + Cuantificador + algunos años.

Example: These, and similar, questions are likely to form the subject of debate for some years to come.

» from one year to another = de un año a otro.

Example: Every effort is made to ensure continuity of index terms from one year to another = Se hace todo lo posible para asegurar la continuidad de los descriptores de un año para otro.

» from one year to the next = de un año a otro.

Example: The only reasonable conclusion which can be drawn from these statistics is that title output can vary quite considerably from one year to the next = La única conclusión que se puede extraer de estas estadísticas es que la producción de títulos pueden variar considerablemente de una añto a otro.

» from the year dot = del año de la pera, del año de la nada, del año de la polca, del año catapún, del año de Maricastaña, del año maricastaño.

Example: This rather fat book gives a readable account of the history of mathematics from the year dot up to the last century.

» from year to year = de un año a otro, anual.

Example: For details of its operation from year to year the main source of data is its annual report.

» gap year = año sabático. [Año que un estudiante se toma libre, principalmente para viajar por el mundo, antes de iniciar sus estudios universitarios]

Example: The author examines the effect on a student's focus of taking a 'gap year'.

» go back + hundreds of years = remontarse cientos de años.

Example: She obeyed because, like tens of thousands of other Nigerians, she was born into a slave caste that goes back hundreds of years.

» golden years = edad de oro, edad dorada. [Usado generalmente para referirse a la jubilación]

Example: A long-lost engagement ring still divides childhood sweethearts who are now in their golden years.

» Happy New Year = Feliz Año Nuevo.

Example: We sent him a Christmas card and a text to say Happy New Year, but not heard a pip back from him.

» in a few years' time = en unos cuantos años, dentro de unos cuantos años, en unos años, dentro de unos años.

Example: Further research will also require a follow-up survey in a few years' time = Además, se realizará un estudio de seguimiento dentro de unos cuantos años.

» in as many years = en el mismo número de años.

Example: This is the second revision of the topic areas in as many years.

» in + Cantidad + years' time = en + Cantidad + años.

Example: Maybe when that young author looks back in a few years' time, she'll realize just how much more she got out of it than a bit of fun and fame.

» in later years = posteriormente, después.

Example: In later years, the famous book mythological significance of muddy footprints introduced me to the ancient Hippopotamian culture.

» in past years = en años anteriores.

Example: Public libraries in the USA have experienced severe revenue shortages in past years, leading to reductions in services.

» in + Posesivo + declining years = en + Posesivo + últimos años, en los últimos años de + Posesivo + vida, en el ocaso de + Posesivo + vida.

Example: In her declining years she lived with her sister, mainly hoping (she remarked sardonically) to outlive certain academics who had made her life difficult.

» in + Posesivo + early years = en + Posesivo + comienzos.

Example: In his early years he consciously emulated both the painterly style and persona of the much-admired artist Drouais, who became something of a cult figure in early 19th c. Paris.

» in + Posesivo + youth years = en + Posesivo + años de juventud, en + Posesivo + juventud, cuando + ser + joven, en + Posesivo + días jóvenes.

Example: A hobby fostered in her youth years now has developed into a successful business of tailoring that was started as something small to fill in her long days.

» in prior years = en años anteriores.

Example: The analysis found substantial differences in price structure among regions, but less price differentiation based on quality than in prior years.

» in recent years = en los últimos años, de los últimos años.

Example: In recent years, there has been a growing concern about deprivation in rural areas.

» inter-war years = años de entreguerras.

Example: During the economic crisis of the inter-war years, the development of Polish libraries was hampered by lack of funds and the inflationary cost of books.

» in the coming year = en el año próximo, en el próximo año, en el año entrante, en el año venidero.

Example: The author sketches some of the developments that we might expect to see in the coming years = El autor esboza algunos de los avances que podríamos esperar ver en los próximos años.

» in the early years = al principio.

Example: A unique feature of this book, then, is that the cases emphasize the kinds of problems recent graduates encounter in the early years of their careers.

» in the intervening years = en el ínterin, en los años intermedios, desde entonces.

Example: In the intervening years reference collections and reference services have changed greatly with the introduction of electronic media.

» in the last few years = en los últimos años.

Example: Much has been written in the last few years about the so-called strategic role of information in the enterprise.

» in the last years of = en los últimos años de.

Example: The author examines the role of the US public librarian in the last years of the 19th century when the country was undergoing massive social and philosophical changes.

» in the last years of + Posesivo + life = en + Posesivo + últimos años, en los últimos años de + Posesivo + vida.

Example: In the last years of her life, Gardner asked Peter Evans to ghostwrite her autobiography.

» in the next few years = en los próximos años.

Example: Again, this method looks very attractive compared with manual methods, and is likely to become available to large numbers of people in the next few years.

» in the past few years = durante los últimos años, en los últimos años.

Example: In the past few years, the mortality rates associated with infectious diseases have decreased, making cancer the leading cause of death in children.

» in the past year = en el año pasado, en el año anterior.

Example: New research has revealed that three out of four Brits has considered emigrating to sunnier climes in the past year.

» in the year ahead = en el próximo año.

Example: The author considers the future of libraries in the year ahead.

» in the year of our Lord = en el año del Señor.

Example: It was in the year of our Lord 1993, nestled in the oldest mountains on Earth, that 13 kindred spirits joined their laughter in holy revelation.

» in the years ahead = en el futuro.

Example: Librarians and vendors will need each other in the years ahead and must learn how to do business with each other.

» in (the) years to come = en el futuro.

Example: Of course, we cannot tell in advance which particular subjects are likely to grow most in years to come.

» in the years to come = en el futuro.

Example: It is certain that the technology will dominate the entire library scene in the years to come.

» in years = en años.

Example: It's the most chicken-hearted thing I've seen in football in years.

» in years gone by = en el pasado, antaño, otrora.

Example: In years gone by there were warnings of the dangers of reading and listening to the radio.

» in years past = en años anteriores.

Example: But many shoppers said stores were not knocking down prices as much as in years past.

» in years to come = en el futuro.

Example: The author considers the future plans and possible problem areas the library may have to face in years to come.

» last year = año pasado, el.

Example: Last year, however, there was a report produced in the UK by IFLA Advisory Committee on Buildings.

» later in the year = más adelante este año, hacia finales de(l) año.

Example: Hi, I am visiting the hotel later in the year for a wedding and have a query about the rooms.

» later (on) this year = más adelante este año.

Example: Clearly, both political parties are making an all-out effort to woo young and first-time voters in the state which goes to polls later this year.

» lean years = años de vacas flacas.

Example: Having grown fat on federal grants, some libraries have not been able to adjust to the recent lean years of reduced or withdrawn federal funds.

» leap year = año bisiesto.

Example: The study of leap year and its development offers an interesting real-world situation for students to exercise qualitative reasoning about operations on decimals.

» light-year = año luz. [También escrito junto lightyear]

Example: In principle a spaceship could travel eight light-years in ten earth years.

» light years away from = a años luz de.

Example: Community information services seem light years away from the kind of electronic wizardry that is held out as the brave new information world of tomorrow.

» liturgical year = año litúrgico.

Example: Advent Sunday is the fourth Sunday before Christmas and is the first day of the liturgical year for Western Christian Churches.

» man year = año de trabajo. [Trabajo realizado por una persona en un año]

Example: For example, a competent, robust, efficient free text storage and retrieval system represents at least five man years of programming work.

» many years ago = hace muchos años.

Example: The arbitrary surnames, for instance, given Jews in the German area many years ago were often derogatory, and those remain their personal names.

» mid-year [midyear] = de mitad de año, de mediados de año.

Example: This paper gives a general overview of the microfilm industry world-wide, drawing on the comments of members of a discussion panel at the Mid-year meeting of the National Micrographics Association.

» multi-year [multiyear] = plurianual, de varios años de duración.

Example: A multi-year plan must be defined and adopted this year at Brussels.

» never in a million years = nunca en un millón de año, cuando las ranas críen pelos.

Example: How could she tell him she would never in a million years work for him, not for all the money in the world.

» New Year = Año Nuevo.

Example: At our library in Minnesota we have clearly identified material that deals with mudpies, leprechauns, senior power, red power, the Chinese New Year, prisoners' rights, and workers' control.

» New Year's Eve = Nochevieja, víspera de Año Nuevo.

Example: The New Year's Eve edition of the New York Times asserted that Argentines and Nicaraguans helped U.S.-trained Honduran troops to kill leftists in the 1980s.

» New Year's resolutions = buenos propósitos de Año Nuevo.

Example: The article 'Keeping New Year's resolutions while counting down to the new millennium' discusses the following topics: self-discipline; losing weight; stopping smoking; starting an exercise programme; paying off bills; and meeting someone new.

» next few years, the = próximos años, los. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: In the course of the next few years it became clear that a detailed revision of the classification scheme was becoming essential.

» next year = año siguiente, el; año que viene, el; año próximo, el.

Example: The library budget, for instance, was to be reduced next year by 10% as well = Por ejemplo, el presupuesto de la biblioteca además iba a ser reducido el año siguiente en un 10% .

» not in a million years = ni en un millón de años.

Example: But this male narrator would not in a million years say that woman is imbecilic by nature.

» Número + year gap = Número + años de diferencia.

Example: In the 10-year gap between the publication of her first book and her second, she stretched her imagination to match the diversity and ruggedness of America.

» Número + years ago = hace + Número + años.

Example: Accordingly, it was decided some 7 years ago to replace the manual systems with a single automated library system.

» Número + year(s) ahead = con + Número + año(s) de antelación.

Example: The December issue is especially useful for its list of conferences planned up to ten years ahead.

» Número + years on = Número + años después.

Example: Three years on, and we are bored to death with the war on terror.

» of the years to come = del futuro.

Example: The ways in which librarians respond to the new technology will determine, in part, the library's place in the culture of the years to come.

» of years ago = de hace años.

Example: Another point worth noting is that most of the kiddie comis of years ago are long gone from the publishing scene = Otro punto que merece la pena mencionar es que la mayoría de los comics para niños de hace años han desaparecido hace tiempo del mundo editorial.

» of years gone by = del pasado, de tiempos pasados.

Example: See molasses made, see antique farming equipment like grain thrashers and steam tractors working in a re-creation of years gone by.

» once a year = una vez al año.

Example: Annual reports have the disadvantage, of course, of appearing only once a year.

» one-year = de un año de duración.

Example: They have been granted a one-year reprieve from deportation.

» over a period of a/one year = durante un período de un año, durante un año.

Example: The building was nine inches off plumb and was jacked back into position incrementally over a period of one year.

» over a period of years = en el transcurso de algunos años, durante algunos años.

Example: While the economy is a 'shambles' and likely to stay that way for some time, he remains optimistic there will eventually be a recovery over a period of years.

» over a two-year period = en dos años, en un bienio.

Example: The purpose of this analysis was to document the change in body mass index (BMI) over a two-year period in poor women from urban Mexico.

» over many years = durante el transcurso de muchos años, durante muchos años.

Example: Local history collections are being built up in many countries, whether as deliberate policy, based on collections of local antiquaries, or developed casually over many years = En muchos países se están creando colecciones de historia local, ya sea como fruto de una política delibrada, a partir de de colecciones de anticuarios de la localidad, o creadas de un modo casual durante el transcurso de muchos años.

» over recent years = durante los últimos años.

Example: Over recent years the number and frequency of firework displays (both public and private) has increased.

» over the ensuing years = en los años que siguieron.

Example: The establishment of the local situs intangibles tax in 1931 in Ohio and its use for sole support of public libraries led to various problems over the ensuing years.

» over the last few years = durante los últimos años, en los últimos años.

Example: Over the last few years people from all parts of the globe have experienced violence, abuse, loss and tragedy.

» over the last + Número + years = durante los últimos + Número + años.

Example: The growth of Internet access over the last five years is staggering = El crecimiento del acceso a Internet ha sido asombroso durante los últimos cinco años.

» over the last year = durante el último año, en el último año.

Example: Over the last years dramatic changes have occurred in the way libraries operate with the introduction of automated circulation systems.

» over the next few years = durante los próximos años, en los próximos años.

Example: However, as the proportion of elderly people in the population rises sharply over next few years advertising and retail executives will need to rethink their sales strategies.

» over the next year = durante el próximo año.

Example: Over 80 per cent of those questioned in Europe, the US and Japan expect further growth in expenditure of an average of 15 per cent over the next year.

» over the past few years = durante los últimos años, en los últimos años.

Example: While there have been some praiseworthy improvements over the past few years, many biased headings persist which demean the very people who use the catalog.

» over the past year = durante el año pasado.

Example: However, over the past year they have launched a number of Internet products and services.

» over the year = con el paso del año, con el transcurso del año, a lo largo del año.

Example: Over the year I found I was always the last one to know about any incidents or complaints unless someone wanted money.

» over the years = a través de los años, con el paso del tiempo, con el correr del tiempo, con el transcurso de los años, con el tiempo, desde hace años, desde hace tiempo.

Example: Thus, over the years it has been used to index reports, trade Literature, periodical articles and other similar documents.

» past year, the = año pasado, el; año anterior, el.

Example: Some 25% of students admitted to cheating in examinations and 50% to one or more instances of cheating on written assignments the past year.

» period of five years = período de cinco años, quinquenio, lustro.

Example: The tribunal ordered his name to be removed from the register and that a period of five years must elapse before he would be allowed to apply for reregistration.

» per year = al año.

Example: The system is clean, largely theft proof and space saving, requiring only four double-sided discs per year.

» post-war years = años de posguerra, los; posguerra, la. [Lista de palabras que comienzan con este prefijo]

Example: Women's role as solo authors declined, however, during the Depression, World War II and the postwar years.

» rainy year = año lluvioso.

Example: In rainy years, the river is in danger of breaking its banks, due to the release of water upstream.

» ring in + the New Year = celebrar el Año Nuevo.

Example: It seems like the smartest plan for ringing in the New Year: staying in instead of going out.

» ring out + the old year = despedir el año.

Example: And while many people attend parties to ring out the old year and ring in the new, others enjoy spending a quiet New Year's Eve at home.

» school year = año académico, año escolar, curso escolar.

Example: At last we were ready to tackle our most ambitious and anxiously awaited project of the school year.

» seven-year itch, the = crisis de los siete años, la.

Example: A longitudinal study of the career patterns of academic librarians is needed if this brain drain as a result of the 'seven-year itch' is to be prevented.

» several years ago = hace varios años.

Example: Non-print media are extremely useful sources of information but, despite Marshall McLuhan's predictions of several years ago, the book has not yet been ousted.

» six-year molar = primer molar.

Example: Almost every school boy feels he has outgrown his infancy when his six-year molars erupt and that he is nearing manhood when his 12-year molars appear.

» solar year = año solar.

Example: A solar year is the time it takes the Earth to complete its orbit around the Sun.

» some time this year = en el transcurso de este año, a lo largo de este año.

Example: He's boxed before when he was younger and is hoping to box again as a heavyweight some time this year.

» some years ago = hace algunos años.

Example: Research by engineers some years ago showed that the probability of incorrect dialling began to rise steeply if the length of the number increased to nine or more digits.

» some years ago now = hace ya algunos años.

Example: Some years ago now I observed the multitude of errors that I had accepted as true in my earliest years.

» some years on = algunos años más tarde.

Example: Even the same collection some years on will have altered, and the device, in order to remain effective, must evolve in keeping with the development of the collection.

» tax year = año fiscal, ejercicio fiscal.

Example: Tax years run from 6 April one year to 5 April the following year.

» the coming year = el año próximo, el año entrante.

Example: Department heads estimate their expenditures for the coming year and submit them to the town manager, who approves or disapproves them.

» the following year = el año siguiente, el año que viene, el año próximo.

Example: Each year guidelines are published by 1 May for application in the following year = Todos los años se publican directrices para el 1 de mayo y se aplican el año siguiente.

» these early years = estos primeros años.

Example: These early years were her first encounter with the wonders of nature that continue to fire her imagination.

» the whole year (a)round = todo el año.

Example: There are people who swim the whole year around in Sydney, but these are generally regarded as eccentric.

» the year ahead = el año próximo.

Example: Also covered are the finances of the CLA, social events during the conference, funds and support for gays, and the year ahead for CLA.

» third-year = de tercer año.

Example: The article is entitled 'Teaching third-year medical students to search MEDLINE'.

» thirteen-year-old = chico o chica de trece años.

Example: The young man in the picture is myself snapped twenty-five years or so ago by a cheeky thirteen-year-old during the first few months of my first teaching job.

» thirteen-year-old = de trece años de edad.

Example: This is a story about a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in New York and is so often the victim of street bullies that he hides in the subway, where he manages to make a home for himself.

» thirty-eight-year-old = de treinta y ocho años de edad.

Example: Thirty-eight-year-old Arnold Carmichael has been director of the Squier Memorial Public Library for seven years.

» those early years = aquellos primeros años.

Example: After all of those early years playing against each other, it's great to finally be on the same team.

» throughout the year = a lo largo de todo el año, durante todo el año.

Example: Our company is committed to providing highest-quality fresh produce throughout the year.

» through(out) the years = a través de los años.

Example: Through the years, the large Muslim minority in the military outposts was relegated to second class status, much like other colonised peoples.

» tropical year = año tropical, año solar.

Example: The Gregorian calendar was constructed to give a close approximation to the tropical year, which is the actual length of time it takes for the Earth to complete one orbit around the Sun.

» tween years, the = años de la preadolescencia, los; años de la pubertad, los; preadolescencia, la.

Example: More recently, these years have been identified as an important developmental stage known as preadolescence formally, and the 'tween years' popularly.

» twice a year = dos veces al año.

Example: The editorial board will meet a minimum of twice a year, and will correspond as needed by email.

» two-year = por dos años.

Example: In addition to his work with the UCLA Library and the Washington, D.C. Public Library, he held successive two-year positions in Zambia and Uganda.

» two-year period = bienio, dos años.

Example: Bell's two-year period of ineligibility begins on November 10, 2006.

» war years, the = durante la guerra.

Example: The war years heralded several changes, one of them being the erection of a new library building.

» wisdom of years, the = sabiduría de los años, la.

Example: Now with the wisdom of years I try to reason things out and the only people I fear are those who never have doubts.

» within a few years = en unos años, en unos cuantos años, en unos pocos años.

Example: Recently, a new and devastating disease of almond and nectarine trees leading to their death within a few years has emerged in Lebanon.

» with the passing of (the) years = con el paso de los años, con el transcurso de los años.

Example: Its prediction that, with the passing of years, the taint of scandal will blow away, looks over-optimistic.

» year after year = año tras año, un año tras otro.

Example: However, the periodicals are expensive and need to be continued year after year.

» year-(a)round = todo el año, que dura todo el año, 365 días al año, los 365 días del año.

Example: There is a year-round calendar of festivals, theatre, musical and sporting events.

» year by year = año a año, año tras año.

Example: The technical developments which would underpin such a service are becoming more widely available year by year, if not week by week or day by day.

» year cumulation = acumulación anual.

Example: Weekly tapes of current records, or cumulated back files available as separate year cumulations or at block rates can be supplied.

» year in and year out = año tras año, todos los años.

Example: Audit rotation is designed to overcome two problems that can occur if an organization hires the same audit firm year in and year out.

» year-long = durante un año, que dura todo un año.

Example: This documentary chronicles the year-long deployment of one US battalion in Afghanistan.

» year-on-year = anual, interanual, anualmente, interanualmente, cada año, todos los años.

Example: This corresponds to a year-on-year increase of 28%.

» year-over-year = interanual, un año tras otro. [Usado más frecuentemente en el contexto económico]

Example: Estimated net sales were $269 million in the quarter ended December 31, 2011, a year-over-year increase of approximately 10%.

» years ago = hace años.

Example: This explains why some books that were enormously important to us years ago seem, on rereading them now, to be quite astonishingly lacking in value.

» years ahead, the = próximos años, los; años venideros, los; futuro, el.

Example: It is believed that the years ahead will see an increase in such programs.

» years and years = años y años.

Example: Years and years of hard work and dedication go into perfecting the art of dancing on point.

» years of service = años de servicio, antigüedad en el servicio.

Example: Eligibility for retirement is based on your age and years of service and depends on when you began working.

year2 = curso, promoción. 

Example: General lectures to a whole year, or even several courses, are supplemented with more specialised tutorials or practicals, frequently in small groups.


» final year student = estudiante de último curso.

Example: 96% of final year students consider the Library a 'very good' to 'satisfactory' place to study, with 78% rating it 'good' or 'very good'.

» freshman year = primer año de carrera, primer año de estudios superiores.

Example: A dropout and flunk-out rate of 50% during the freshman year is occurring in many large municipal institutions of higher education.

Year synonyms

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