Yell in spanish


pronunciation: gɹ̩itoʊ part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

yell1 = grito, chillido, alarido, aullido. 

Example: I heard a yell from down below and saw what seemed a hazy glow.

yell2 = gritar, chillar, dar gritos, pegar gritos. 

Example: 'I don't want your help, I tell you!' I yelled at him.


» yell + Posesivo + lungs out = desgañitarse, gritar como un loco, chillar como un loco, gritar desaforadamente, vociferar, chillar a grito pelado.

Example: Scared out of her wits, she stepped back and fell into her bougainvillea bush, yelling her lungs out as she fell.

Yell synonyms

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