Yielding in spanish


pronunciation: fleksible part of speech: noun, adjective
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yield2 = producir, conseguir, obtener. 

Example: This mixture of approaches is designed to yield maximum retrieval for as many users as possible by combining the different strengths of controlled and natural language indexing.


» yield + despair = producir desesperación, crear desesperación, desesperar.

Example: It is as if failure, having yielded despair, then gave rise to the sheerest optimism.

» yield + results = producir resultados.

Example: Searching for one or more terms within a single field can yield very precise results.

» yield + (the) right of way = ceder el paso.

Example: When an emergency vehicle approaches with its siren on you must yield the right of way as quickly as possible.

» yield to + despair = desesperarse.

Example: Yielding to despair worsens the problem.

yield3 = sucumbir, ceder, doblegarse. 

Example: She actually had an impulse to go and tell the staff to cast off their chains; she did not, however, yield to it.


» yield + ground = ceder terreno.

Example: Libraries of the future will not be paperless, although paper will yield ground to other formats.

» yield to = dar paso a.

Example: Thoughts of this sort kept running about like clockwork mice in his head, while the murmur of chatter filled the room and outside dusk had yielded to black night.

» yield to = rendirse a, sucumbir a.

Example: The library must never yield to demands to abort that policy.

» yield to + a sudden impulse = dejarse llevar por un impulso.

Example: He had not yielded to a sudden impulse, but to a steady and growing pressure from which there had been no means of escape.

Yielding synonyms

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