Yoghourt in spanish


pronunciation: ioʊguɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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yoghurt [yoghourt/yogurt] = yogur. 

Example: A frequently asked question concerns the use of yoghurt for vaginal infections.


» nonfat yoghurt = yogur desnatado.

Example: If you ware looking for a great treat that's low cal and high protein, opt for nonfat yogurt.

» yoghurt maker = yogurtera.

Example: Anyway, I was living there for a while (in New Zealand) and couldn't help but notice lots of people using these yoghurt makers.

Yoghourt synonyms

yogurt in spanish: , pronunciation: joʊgɜrt part of speech: noun yoghurt in spanish: , pronunciation: jɑgɜrt part of speech: noun
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