Zest in spanish


pronunciation: ɑnimoʊ part of speech: noun
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zest1 = entusiasmo, brío, sabor, chispa. 

Example: In the humanistic perspective, the concern is with potential, unique capabilities, and dignity -- with a dash of joy to add zest.


» zest for life = ansias de vivir, ganas de vivir, deseo de vivir, amor por la vida.

Example: But the sunny temperament and zest for life, which he owed to the kindly circumstances of his youth, would last him almost to the end.

zest2 = ralladura. 

Example: In the following pages, there are several recipes that call for the zest of an orange or a lemon.


» grated lemon zest = ralladura de (cáscara de) limón.

Example: Add the sugar and grated lemon zest and beat until the mixture is light and fluffy.

» grated lime zest = ralladura de (cáscara de) lima.

Example: A little sugar and grated lime zest transform sliced mango, papaya, and green apple into a refreshingly simple dessert.

» grated orange zest = ralladura de (cáscara de) naranja.

Example: Stuff the sea bass with garlic cloves and fennel fronds and marinate with olive oil and freshly grated orange zest.

Zest synonyms

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