Abalanzar in english


pronunciation: paʊns part of speech: verb, noun
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abalanzarse = careen ; swoop ; pounce (on) ; lunge. 

Example: The jet ultimately shot up fully vertically -- at which point the wings snapped off and the whole works careened down into the ocean.Example: Magpies are very protective of their young and may swoop on intruders if they feel threatened.Example: The prisoners pounced on the food like hungry beasts and, champing noisily, gulped down the soup greedily, hardly chewing the meat, and burning their mouths.Example: When he lunged for her throat, she realized Mark Wilder had become a vampire.


» abalanzarse sobrelam intolay intobear down (up)onlunge atpitch intotear into .

Example: The girl stared at him for a moment thunderstruck; then she lammed into the old horse with a stick she carried in place of a whip.

Example: How anyone can get a buzz from laying into someone is beyond me; it's not nice to see it happen - too many times have I seen people beaten up over nothing.

Example: Somehow, some way, officials were getting early evacuees out of harm's way as Hurricane Gustav bore down on the central Louisiana coast.

Example: The crocodile suddenly lunged out of a quiet, pool of water at the lovely heroine, nearly biting her head off.

Example: The newspaper Times pitched into him for his 'utterly thoughtless, heartless, ungracious and silly' behavior.

Example: Terrified, the boy watched the two starving animals tear into each other.

Abalanzar synonyms

swoop in spanish: redada, pronunciation: swup part of speech: verb, noun
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