Abalorio in english


pronunciation: bid part of speech: noun
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abalorio = bead ; glass bead. 

Example: The abacus, with its beads strung on parallel wires, led the Arabs to positional numeration and the concept of zero many centuries before the rest of the world.Example: Glass beads from Italy and Czechoslovakia were imported by the shipload and used like money for trading.


» adornar con abaloriosbeading .

Example: Beading is quite an enjoyable hobby and the best part is that it is inexpensive to get started and not too difficult to learn.

» decorado con abaloriosbeaded .

Example: If none of these terms is appropriate, give the specific name of the item or the names of the parts of the item as concisely as possible; e.g., 2 feather headbands, 1 pair beaded moccasins.

Abalorio synonyms

drop in spanish: soltar, pronunciation: drɑp part of speech: noun, verb pearl in spanish: perla, pronunciation: pɜrl part of speech: noun beading in spanish: cuentas, pronunciation: bedɪŋ part of speech: noun astragal in spanish: astrágalo, pronunciation: əstreɪgəl part of speech: noun beadwork in spanish: trabajo de perlas, pronunciation: bidwɜrk part of speech: noun
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