Abordar in english


pronunciation: əproʊtʃ part of speech: noun
In gestures

abordar = hop on ; waylay ; address ; meet ; collar. 

Example: The article 'Hop on the Internet, it's time' provides a general discussion of the advantages to be gained by using the Internet.Example: Librarians must not allow themselves to be thus waylaid in their commitment to their clients and must act with vision, flair, style, and passion.Example: The inclusion of vendors and publishers allows everyone to address sticky business relationships head-on.Example: There may be a threat of over-capacity; if so, this could be met by diversification, an enlargement of the SLIS role.Example: I collared her and asked her if she was preg and she said yes, 9 weeks.


» abordar las verdaderas causas deaddress + the root causes of .

Example: Governments have been indecisive and playing for time -- kicking the can down the road, rather than addressing the root causes of the crisis.

» abordar una mínima parte del asuntotouch + the tip of the iceberg .

Example: From the professional point of view a MLS degree is a requirement; but these two statements only touch the tip of the iceberg.

» abordar un peligroaddress + a danger .

Example: We need more novels like this one that address the danger of blindly accepting societal values about who we are.

» abordar un problemaaddress + a problemaddress + a danger .

Example: They maintain, in an article written for Library Resources and Technical Services (LRTS) 'that automated cataloging systems have addressed only half of the problems of maintaining a library catalog'.

Example: We need more novels like this one that address the danger of blindly accepting societal values about who we are.

» abordar un riesgoaddress + a danger .

Example: We need more novels like this one that address the danger of blindly accepting societal values about who we are.

» no abordargo + unaddressed .

Example: When poor performance is allowed to go unaddressed for long periods of time it can become a major problem and very difficult to manage.

» que ha sido abordado con preguntasaccost .

Example: In a flash, without a moment wasted on intelligent astonishment, the poor accosted earthling gives a detailed description of the instrument he apparently assumes without further investigation the stranded space man needs.

» sin abordarunaddressed .

Example: However, limitations and challenges to developing recommendations continue to exist when there are unaddressed scientific questions, continuous new information, as well as differences in expert opinion.

Abordar synonyms

access in spanish: acceso, pronunciation: ækses part of speech: noun advance in spanish: avanzar, pronunciation: ədvæns part of speech: noun, verb attack in spanish: ataque, pronunciation: ətæk part of speech: noun, verb near in spanish: cerca, pronunciation: nɪr part of speech: verb, adjective, adverb overture in spanish: obertura, pronunciation: oʊvɜrtʃɜr part of speech: noun coming in spanish: viniendo, pronunciation: kʌmɪŋ part of speech: noun go up in spanish: subir, pronunciation: goʊʌp part of speech: verb come on in spanish: venga, pronunciation: kʌmɑn part of speech: verb feeler in spanish: antena, pronunciation: filɜr part of speech: noun approaching in spanish: que se acerca, pronunciation: əproʊtʃɪŋ part of speech: noun, adjective go about in spanish: andar, pronunciation: goʊəbaʊt part of speech: verb set about in spanish: emprender, pronunciation: setəbaʊt part of speech: verb glide path in spanish: trayectoria de planeo, pronunciation: glaɪdpæθ part of speech: noun border on in spanish: Bordear, pronunciation: bɔrdɜrɑn part of speech: verb glide slope in spanish: pendiente de planeo, pronunciation: glaɪdsloʊp part of speech: noun approach shot in spanish: tiro de aproximación, pronunciation: əproʊtʃʃɑt part of speech: noun draw near in spanish: dibujar cerca, pronunciation: drɔnɪr part of speech: verb approach path in spanish: camino de aproximación, pronunciation: əproʊtʃpæθ part of speech: noun come near in spanish: Acércate, pronunciation: kʌmnɪr part of speech: verb plan of attack in spanish: plan de ataque, pronunciation: plænʌvətæk part of speech: noun
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