Abreviar in english


pronunciation: əbrivieɪt part of speech: verb
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abreviar = abbreviate ; telescope. 

Example: The Dewey Decimal Classification (abbreviated to either DC or DDC) is arguably the most important bibliographic classification scheme.Example: What certainly happens without a doubt is that the experienced librarian telescopes into what may appear to be a single instantaneous decision a whole series of logically-connected search steps.


» interrumpir para abreviarcut + Nombre + short .

Example: May I just cut you short, because I've discussed this problem with Peter Jacobs just this week.

» para abreviarto make a long story short .

Example: 'Anyway, to make a long story short, Huish said he knows Lisa has been a little flighty at times'.

Abreviar synonyms

cut in spanish: cortar, pronunciation: kʌt part of speech: verb, noun contract in spanish: contrato, pronunciation: kɑntrækt part of speech: noun reduce in spanish: reducir, pronunciation: rədus part of speech: verb abridge in spanish: abreviar, pronunciation: əbrɪdʒ part of speech: verb shorten in spanish: acortar, pronunciation: ʃɔrtən part of speech: verb foreshorten in spanish: foreshorten, pronunciation: fɔrʃɔrtən part of speech: verb
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