Abrigo in english


pronunciation: koʊt part of speech: noun
In gestures

abrigar = nurse ; nestle ; wrap + Nombre + up. 

Example: Not the least of its advantages is its maximum visibility to other library users, perhaps nursing unasked questions of their own.Example: Nestled among the majestic white pines in central Wisconsin are 17 lakeside cabins located on a secluded spot on beautiful Castle Rock Lake.Example: We wrapped her up and put her on her back and she slept until 5:30 this morning.


» abrigar biendress + warmly .

Example: Dress infants and children warmly for outdoor activities.

» abrigar esperanzafoster + hopecherish + hope .

Example: The simplest way to foster hope is to examine the goals that emerge from our desires and ambitions.

Example: If a woman receives a bouquet of damask roses in springtime, she will have a faithful lover; but if she received them in winter, she will cherish blasted hopes.

» abrigarsemantle up .

Example: She mantled up for the cold English climate, dressing boots, a leather jacket and a wool cap.

» abrigarse bienwrap up + warmdress + warmly .

Example: Researchers into the common cold say 'catching a chill' really does help colds develop -- and are advising to 'wrap up warm' to keep viruses at bay.

Example: Dress infants and children warmly for outdoor activities.

abrigo = coat ; overcoat. 

Example: The article is entitled 'The technicolor coat of the academic library personnel officer: the evolution from paper-pusher to policy maker'.Example: Sometimes I wonder if someday I will meet someone whose presence won't feel like an ill-fitting overcoat, like something heavy in my pocket that I should've left at home.


» abrigo de pielesfur coat .

Example: The author likens the activity of scientometrics to the measurement of a fur coat with a micrometer.

» al abrigo deon the lee side of .

Example: Wind turbines with a horizontal axis may be upwind or downwind machines, ie the rotor may be facing the wind, or on the lee side of the tower.

» dar abrigoprovide + sheltergive + shelter .

Example: Rescuing and providing shelter for badly injured stray cats is eating into her savings but she is undettered.

Example: Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama today said he was thankful to the Indian people for giving shelter to Tibetans.

» ropa de abrigowarm clothingwarm clothes .

Example: Warm clothing is recommended, as cool temperatures can be expected on the river = Se recomienda llevar ropa de abrigo, por la posibilidad de bajas temperaturas en la zona del río.

Example: Food, tents, warm clothes needed in China after quake.

Abrigo synonyms

cake in spanish: pastel, pronunciation: keɪk part of speech: noun surface in spanish: superficie, pronunciation: sɜrfəs part of speech: noun coating in spanish: revestimiento, pronunciation: koʊtɪŋ part of speech: noun
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