Abreviatura in english


pronunciation: əbrivieɪʃən part of speech: noun
In gestures

abreviatura = abbreviation ; note form. 

Example: Names commonly vary in fullness, especially in terms of the extent of abbreviations and initials used.Example: Telegraphic abstracts present information exceptionally concisely by resorting to note form.


» abreviatura del nombre del campotag [Abreviatura o código que se utiliza para identificar un campo de un registro o una función] .

Example: You can also sort records according to the frequency of search terms in the retrieved records by including the tag 'PO' (for 'postings') in your SORT statement.

» abreviaturasshorthand [short-hand] .

Example: Range searching, truncation, and wild cards are all ways of searching for several terms by using a kind of shorthand in your query.

» ser la abreviatura debe short for .

Example: Immediately after the second prompt, S is short for SELECT.
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