Absorto in english


pronunciation: əbzɔrbd part of speech: adjective
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absorto = absorbed ; absent-minded ; lost in thought. 

Example: I believe that literature is certainly in one sense 'play' -- grave and absorbed play.Example: The academic library is the natural habitat of the absent-minded professor.Example: He was so lost in thought that he didn't realize that someone was talking to him until he got thumped on the head.


» absorto encaught up inabsorbed in .

Example: Once there, however, the three men abandon themselves to an orgy of slaughter, so caught up in killing buffalo that they lose all sense of time.

Example: Darwin may have been as absorbed in thinking about evolution as Freud was absorbed in thinking about psychoanalysis when he went to operas.

» absorto en el pensamientolost in thought .

Example: He was so lost in thought that he didn't realize that someone was talking to him until he got thumped on the head.

» absorto en + Nombreengrossed in + Gerundio .

Example: I can see a staff member in a sitting position with hand held on the brow covering the eye vision and engrossed in reading.

» absorto en sí mismoself-absorbedself-involved .

Example: Despite responsibilities as heads of the state and a major household respectively, both are self-absorbed, self-indulging creatures.

Example: The tantric tradition says that spirituality in the fullest sense cannot be an isolated, solitary, purely self-involved enterprise.

» de un modo absortoabsently .

Example: 'Yes, what is it?' asked the director absently, as Hernandez rapped at his door.

» estar absorto enbe wrapped up in .

Example: He had been wrapped up in a new project that was closely tied to the company's new growth.

» estar absorto en un librohave + Posesivo + nose in a book .

Example: I was born and raised in Los Angeles and spent much of my childhood curled up on a sofa with my nose in a book.

Absorto synonyms

intent in spanish: intención, pronunciation: ɪntent part of speech: noun attentive in spanish: atento, pronunciation: ətentɪv part of speech: adjective rapt in spanish: arrebatado, pronunciation: ræpt part of speech: adjective engrossed in spanish: absorto, pronunciation: ɪngroʊst part of speech: adjective wrapped in spanish: envuelto, pronunciation: ræpt part of speech: adjective absorbable in spanish: absorbible, pronunciation: æbzɔrbəbəl part of speech: adjective enwrapped in spanish: envuelto, pronunciation: enræpt part of speech: adjective unreflected in spanish: no reflejado, pronunciation: ənrɪflektɪd part of speech: adjective
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