Abundantemente in english


pronunciation: əbʌndəntli part of speech: adverb
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abundantemente = abundantly ; exuberantly ; plentifully ; unstintingly ; profusely. 

Example: A century later it seems to me to be abundantly clear that we must design catalogs for library users and not for librarians.Example: With few exceptions the new display types, which proliferated exuberantly during the first quarter of the century, were of three basic varieties.Example: They use indigenous plants that grow wild and plentifully near their homes.Example: Cathy contributed unstintingly to her neighborhood association with wise counsel and encouragement.Example: As a result of the strange meal we all had everybody farted profusely all night long.


» fluir abundantementestream in .

Example: Applications from newly graduated librarians continue to stream in for most well-advertised jobs in public and academic libraries.

Abundantemente synonyms

profusely in spanish: profusamente, pronunciation: prəfjusli part of speech: adverb copiously in spanish: copiosamente, pronunciation: koʊpjəsli part of speech: adverb extravagantly in spanish: extravagantemente, pronunciation: ekstrævəgəntli part of speech: adverb
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