Aburrimiento in english


pronunciation: bɔrdəm part of speech: noun
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aburrimiento = boredom ; doldrums ; dullness. 

Example: However, if you take tasks 5, 6 and 7 you would be looking for somebody who is physically fit, who is numerate and literate and perhaps has a high boredom threshold.Example: The article 'Publishing in Russia - the heady doldrums of change' lists inflation; piracy; bribery; and lack of organization as the main drawbacks of the new Russian publishing industry.Example: I was vexed by the dullness of his proceedings at work and though he understands it he does many things by rote, and very dully.


» morirse de aburrimientobore + Nombre + to tearsbore + Nombre + to deathbore + Nombre + stiff .

Example: However, before becoming the vivacious student we all loved, Camilla was stuck in a job that bored her to tears.

Example: Money matters bored her to death.

Example: She has just been fired by one of the city's top law firms because she had the honesty to admit the work bored her stiff.

Aburrimiento synonyms

ennui in spanish: tedio, pronunciation: enui part of speech: noun tedium in spanish: tedio, pronunciation: tidiəm part of speech: noun
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