Abusivo in english


pronunciation: əbjusɪv part of speech: adjective
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abusivo = extortionate ; scurrilous ; exorbitant ; eye-watering ; eye-wateringly. 

Example: This is an important and interesting book, but given that much of the material has previously been published, the price seems extortionate.Example: Their secondary aim was to print piratical, scurrilous and bawdy material for the people of Dublin.Example: The banks were habitually charging exorbitant rates on overdraft fees without prior notice.Example: Tickets for the boxing match are being sold online for an eye-watering sum of money.Example: The UK is facing 'eye-wateringly' large levels of debt due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit.


» de un modo abusivoextortionately .

Example: Publishers charge extortionately while paying nothing to authors and these are increasingly bypassing publishers by publishing on the Web.

» precio abusivoabusive price tagabusive pricedizzying price .

Example: While textbooks are clearly an important and critical component to students' education, their abusive price tags are not.

Example: This new law is primarily aimed at reducing abusive prices for goods and services resulting from a lack of competition.

Example: In fact, his works currently reach dizzying prices on the antiques market, as well as auction houses.

Abusivo synonyms

offensive in spanish: ofensiva, pronunciation: əfensɪv part of speech: adjective, noun scurrilous in spanish: grosero, pronunciation: skɜrələs part of speech: adjective harmful in spanish: perjudicial, pronunciation: hɑrmfəl part of speech: adjective scornful in spanish: desdeñoso, pronunciation: skɔrnfəl part of speech: adjective opprobrious in spanish: oprobioso, pronunciation: əprɑbriəs part of speech: adjective insulting in spanish: insultante, pronunciation: ɪnsʌltɪŋ part of speech: adjective
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