Abundar in english


pronunciation: əbaʊnd part of speech: verb
In gestures

abundar = abound ; buzz with. 

Example: For the present this definition will have to stand as a statement covering programmes in which terms like 'expert systems', 'artificial intelligence', 'computer systems' abound.Example: The entire USA has begun to buzz with discusions on making this way of doing business the rule rather than the exception of 21st century life.


» abundar enabound in/withbe rife withlitter .

Example: Indicative abstracts abound in phrases such as 'is discussed' or 'has been surveyed'.

Example: Educational terminology is rife with concepts that are best described with pre-coordinated terms.

Example: There are plenty of omission failures of this sort, and they litter most of the Hennepin County Library Cataloging Bulletins.

» abundar sobreelaborate (on) .

Example: The documents cited may support and provide precedent for, illustrate or elaborate on what the author has to say.

» polémica + abundarcontroversy + rage [Especialmente de modo violento o con fuerza] .

Example: This report seems to have raised more questions than it has answered, particularly in the area of ILL costs and charges, where controversy rages and agreement between the various types of library appears well-nigh impossible to reach.

Abundar synonyms

burst in spanish: ráfaga, pronunciation: bɜrst part of speech: verb, noun bristle in spanish: cerda, pronunciation: brɪsəl part of speech: noun, verb
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