Aca in english


pronunciation: hɪr part of speech: adverb
In gestures

acá = hither. 

Example: 'Hither, thither, and yon: process in putting courses on the Web' is an article included in an issue devoted to the theme: Technical communication, distance learning, and the World Wide Web.


» correr de acá para allárush around .

Example: Perhaps instead of arguing, and rushing around in the dark, the time has come to follow our Danish and American friends and begin to find out what we are doing.

» de acá para alláback and forthto and fro .

Example: He informed me last spring that he was dedicating 30% of his budget to bussing all his staff back and forth each day.

Example: Around and around she went, becoming disoriented and losing her bearings, buffeted to and fro by the awesome power of Mother Nature.

Aca synonyms

hera in spanish: hera, pronunciation: hɪrə part of speech: noun hither in spanish: aquí, pronunciation: hɪðɜr part of speech: adverb
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