Accesibilidad in english


pronunciation: æksesəbɪlɪti part of speech: noun
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accesibilidad = accessibility ; approachability ; reachability. 

Example: Accessibility to the documents stored in files is an important factor, so the physical storage is important.Example: She always maintained that approachability is the first requirement of the reference librarian.Example: Most important factors were reachability of the udder for the piglets and reachability of the sow and piglets for the stockman.


» Accesibilidad Universal a la Información (UAP)UAP (Universal Availability of Information) [Organismo de IFLA encargado de estudiar y mejorar el flujo internacional de la información] .

Example: The main aim of UAP (Universal Availability of Information) is to study the means of improving the flow of information across national boundaries and the various linguistic, cultural and political barriers which exist.

Accesibilidad synonyms

availability in spanish: disponibilidad, pronunciation: əveɪləbɪləti part of speech: noun approachability in spanish: accesibilidad, pronunciation: æproʊætʃəbɪlɪti part of speech: noun handiness in spanish: manejabilidad, pronunciation: hændinəs part of speech: noun availableness in spanish: disponibilidad, pronunciation: əveɪləblnəs part of speech: noun
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