Acerola in english


pronunciation: æsɜroʊlə part of speech: noun
In gestures

acerola = acerola ; acerola cherry. 

Example: Avocado oil and acerola nourish and reinforce damaged and treated hair, making it manageable and shiny.Example: The benefits of the acerola cherry derive from its high nutrient concentration.

Acerola synonyms

barbados cherry in spanish: cereza de barbados, pronunciation: bɑrbeɪdoʊstʃeri part of speech: noun surinam cherry in spanish: Surinam Cherry, pronunciation: sʊrənɑmtʃeri part of speech: noun west indian cherry in spanish: cereza del oeste de la India, pronunciation: westɪndiəntʃeri part of speech: noun malpighia glabra in spanish: malpighia glabra, pronunciation: mɑlpigiəglæbrə part of speech: noun
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