Achicoria in english


pronunciation: tʃɪkɜri part of speech: noun
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achicoria = chicory. 

Example: The crops grown included endives, capsicums, lamb's lettuce, celery, leeks, Chinese cabbages and other oriental chicories.


» achicoria de hoja rojaradicchio .

Example: The more mature, curly chicory leaves, or radicchio, are usually a bit bitter.

Achicoria synonyms

succory in spanish: achicoria, pronunciation: səkɜri part of speech: noun chicory root in spanish: raíz de achicoria, pronunciation: tʃɪkɜrirut part of speech: noun chicory plant in spanish: planta de achicoria, pronunciation: tʃɪkɜriplænt part of speech: noun curly endive in spanish: endibia rizada, pronunciation: kɜrliendɪv part of speech: noun cichorium intybus in spanish: cichorium intybus, pronunciation: sɪkɔriəmɪntibəs part of speech: noun
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