Saciedad in english


pronunciation: seɪʃiti part of speech: noun
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saciedad = satiety ; satiation. 

Example: Psychological aspects are studied to determine their influence on hunger, appetite, and satiety.Example: Gerry Smith's thoughtful survey in his book 'Satiation' outlined the principles of gastric and intestinal satiation.


» Adjetivo + hasta la saciedadendlessly + Adjetivo .

Example: If we look at a totally different sort of book romantic fiction we find here a form of novel which, to the outsider who has never read one of them, may seem to be endlessly repetitious.

» hablar hasta la saciedadtalk until + be + blue in the facetalk + Posesivo + socks offtalk + endlesslytalk + the hind leg(s) off a donkeywax + ad nauseamtalk for + Englandtalk + the hind leg(s) off a chairtalk + the head off a horsetalk + the hind leg(s) off a horse .

Example: He said Faulkner was a 'full-time mountain shiner' who could talk moonshine until he was 'blue in the face'.

Example: There is a massive gulf between us and it will not be resolved by allowing them to talk their socks off at this time.

Example: He talks endlessly regardless of your interest or obvious impatience.

Example: We're looking for someone who is motivated, can talk the hind legs off a donkey and has an infectious personality.

Example: He needs to stop whining and man up, instead of waxing ad nauseam about the devastating effects a new round of budget cuts will have.

Example: Barry's a keen player but the lad can talk for England and he has a tendency to get distracted when playing.

Example: I can talk the hind leg off a chair when I'm in the mood and can laugh at almost anything.

Example: I can talk the head off a horse and I'm a good listener.

Example: They both can talk the hind leg off a horse so in that respect they are a perfect match.

» hasta la saciedadad nauseam .

Example: At least there seems to be a tacit acknowledgment that the various denominations have something in common, though the nature of the common core is debated ad nauseam.

» nivel de saciedadpoint of futility [En recuperación de información, número de documentos por encima del cual el usuario se siente abrumado por tanta información] .

Example: The number of documents through which a searcher is willing to browse before giving up in disgust is his 'futility point'.

» repetir hasta la saciedadbeat + Nombre + to deathflog + Nombre + to death .

Example: There is currently a formula for success in the entertainment industry, that is -- beat it to death if it succeeds.

Example: It seems all Hollywood can do now is take an original classic and flog it to death with over-the-top special effects.

Saciedad synonyms

satiation in spanish: saciedad, pronunciation: sæʃieɪʃən part of speech: noun repletion in spanish: repleción, pronunciation: rɪpliʃən part of speech: noun
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