Sacio in english


pronunciation: seɪtɪd part of speech: adjective
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saciar = quench ; assuage ; cloy ; satiate ; surfeit. 

Example: By such mutual assistance, the wits and endeavours of the world may no longer be as so many scattered coals, or firebrands, which, for want of union are soon quenched, whereas, being but laid together, they would have yielded a comfortable light and heat.Example: The dullard's envy of brilliant men is always assuaged by the suspicion that they will come to bad end.Example: People rave about it just because of the amount of food you get, but I'm not interested in being cloyed after I eat, I'd rather have something that tastes good.Example: The more you use, the more you need, as consumption does not satiate, but leaves you longing for more!.Example: With incredible energy he created at least 2400 known works, more than enough to surfeit those trying to judge his artistry.


» saciar la sedslake + Posesivo + thirstquench + Posesivo + thirst .

Example: People were just curious, and once they slaked their thirst for this new product, they dropped it like a hot potato.

Example: Water not only quenches one's thirst, it also heals.

Sacio synonyms

satiate in spanish: saciar, pronunciation: seɪʃieɪt part of speech: verb satiated in spanish: harto, pronunciation: seɪʃieɪtɪd part of speech: adjective gorged in spanish: atiborrado, pronunciation: gɔrdʒd part of speech: adjective surfeited in spanish: surfeado, pronunciation: sɜrfaɪtɪd part of speech: adjective
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