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pronunciation: eɹ̩ part of speech: adjective
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third (3rd)1 = tercero (3º). 

Example: We said that this facet appears third in the citation order.


» Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World (ALP) = Fomento de la Biblioteconomía en el Tercer Mundo (ALP).

Example: This article discusses the origins and organisation of IFLA's core programme for the Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World (ALP).

» come in + third = llegar (el) tercero, acabar (el) tercero, finalizar (el) tercero, terminar (el) tercero.

Example: They came in third overall in national competitions, their best score in five years.

» come in + third place = llegar en tercer lugar, acabar en tercer lugar, finalizar en tercer lugar, terminar en tercer lugar.

Example: They came in third place but they got a standing ovation from the crowd.

» finish in + third place = llegar en tercer lugar, acabar en tercer lugar, finalizar en tercer lugar, terminar en tercer lugar.

Example: In 1995-96 they finished in third place, missing out on the runners-up spot on goal difference.

» finish + third = llegar (el) tercero, acabar (el) tercero, finalizar (el) tercero, terminar (el) tercero.

Example: The following season they finished third, a place below the promotion places.

» for a/the third time = una tercera vez, por tercera vez.

Example: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its forecast for world economic growth for a third time this year.

» in the third degree = en tercer grado.

Example: A person is guilty of perjury in the third degree when he swears falsely as in an affidavit.

» on the third hand = en tercer lugar.

Example: On the third hand, as befits robots, we have on-going work on the appropriate use of 'intelligent' machines in relation to the human work-force they are supposed to replace.

» third age = tercera edad.

Example: The article 'First and third age' describes two projects at opposite ends of the human life cycle.

» third country = tercer país. [Según la Comunidad Económica Europea, todo aquel país que no pertenezca a ella]

Example: It is true that there are many conventions and agreements involving the Community countries as well as third countries.

» third-degree = de tercer grado, en tercer grado.

Example: There are three primary types of burns: first-, second-, and third-degree.

» third grader = alumno de tercer curso, alumno de tercer año, alumno de tercero.

Example: The author examines the influence of CD-ROM storybooks on the reading comprehension and attitudes toward reading of 37 pairs of third graders.

» third-hand = de tercera mano.

Example: That is what some reference librarians call a 'third-hand' enquiry.

» third-level = de tercer nivel.

Example: If performance evaluation is viewed as a tool of second or third-level by supervisors it loses its clout and encourages strife.

» third molar = tercer molar.

Example: In many cases people in their late teens will have had an orthopantomograph taken to establish the presence of third molar or wisdom teeth.

» third party = terceros.

Example: The message then can be deleted, read again on the screen filed electronically, printed out as a hard copy, or sent to a third party without the need to re-enter it.

» third rate [third-rate] = de tercera, de baja calidad, bastante malo.

Example: The quality of the material published has often been regarded as second or third rate, a criticism less justified today.

» Third Reich, the = Tercer Reich, el.

Example: This article relates the untold story of the secret pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine.

» third sector = sector terciario. [Término usado para referirse a todos aquellos organismos que tienen un objetivo altruista como instituciones sin ánimo de lucro, no gubernamentales y filantrópicas]

Example: Public libraries in the United States have been as much third sector (nonprofit, nongovernmental, philanthropic) as governmental sector in their origins, governance, finances and mode of operation.

» third time lucky = a la tercera va la vencida.

Example: The big question ahead of tomorrow's cup meeting is will it be third time lucky for Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov?.

» third to last = antepenúltimo.

Example: Nouns, which are stressed on the third to last syllable, have unpredictable stress and must be learnt individually.

» third world country = país del tercer mundo, país tercermundista.

Example: Third world countries may not be on the receiving end of access because of lack of money or education.

» third world, the = tercer mundo, el. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: It is easy to become carried away by the sheer size of the so-called 'information explosion' and to regard the growth of literature as a phenomenon as threatening to civilization as a virulent epidemic or the 'population explosion' in the third world.

» third-year = de tercer año.

Example: The article is entitled 'Teaching third-year medical students to search MEDLINE'.

3rd synonyms

tertiary in spanish: terciario, pronunciation: tɜrʃɜri part of speech: adjective, noun ordinal in spanish: ordinal, pronunciation: ɔrdənəl part of speech: adjective, noun third in spanish: tercero, pronunciation: θɜrd part of speech: adjective, noun
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