Abortion in spanish


pronunciation: ɑboʊɹ̩toʊ part of speech: noun
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abortion = aborto. 

Example: Her article warns that this pressure may encourage librarians to sidestep the issue entirely, not purchasing materials relating to abortion, contraception and sexuality.


» abortion clinic = clínica abortiva.

Example: For example, an unwed woman who fears she is pregnant may have appointments made with an attorney in a legal assistance society and conselors in abortion clinics or maternity homes.

» abortion-inducing = abortivo.

Example: It is important to note that these abortion-inducing medications can only be given to a patient by a physician, not a pharmacist.

» antiabortion [anti-abortion] = antiabortista.

Example: The antiabortion movement's scaremongering claim that having an abortion substantially raises a woman's risk of breast cancer is hugely deceptive and erroneous = La declaración alarmista del movimiento antiabortista de que el aborto aumenta sustancialmente el riesgo de que la mujer contraiga cáncer de mama es muy engañosa y errónea.

» have + an abortion = tener un aborto, abortar.

Example: This study examines responses to antiabortion picketing by women encountering picketers as they entered abortion clinics to have an abortion.

» medical abortion = aborto médico.

Example: Health care providers should make adequate analgesia easily available to all women who request it during medical abortion.

» surgical abortion = aborto quirúrgico.

Example: Surgical abortions can not be performed any earlier than 6-7 weeks after the first day of your last regular period.

Abortion synonyms

miscarriage in spanish: aborto espontáneo, pronunciation: mɪskerədʒ part of speech: noun
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