Absurdity in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbsuɹ̩doʊ part of speech: noun
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absurdity = disparate, locura, despropósito. 

Example: It is true that the newspapers sensationalized some of the Community's absurdities and gave prominence to the unpopular practice of disposing of surplus food at taxpayers' expense.


» manifest absurdity = estupidez descomunal.

Example: It now seems a manifest absurdity to say that if this elephant were an orange, it would file in such-and-such a place.

Absurdity synonyms

fatuity in spanish: fatuidad, pronunciation: fætuɪti part of speech: noun absurdness in spanish: absurdo, pronunciation: æbsɜrdnəs part of speech: noun silliness in spanish: tontería, pronunciation: sɪlinəs part of speech: noun ridiculousness in spanish: ridiculez, pronunciation: rɪdɪkəluznəs part of speech: noun fatuousness in spanish: fatuidad, pronunciation: fɑtʃuns part of speech: noun
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