Accomplishment in spanish


pronunciation: loʊgɹ̩oʊ part of speech: noun
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accomplishment = logro, hazaña, éxito, triunfo. 

Example: At the time, it was a startling accomplishment and gained wide recognition.


» give + Nombre + a sense of accomplishment = sentirse satisfecho de/por haber hecho Algo bien.

Example: It made her feel useful as well as thrifty and it gave her a sense of accomplishment.

» levels of accomplishment = logros.

Example: According to this model, managers meet to identify goals and objectives and then reconvene after a given time to rate their levels of accomplishment.

» sense of accomplishment = satisfacción de haber hecho algo bien.

Example: Librarians can add incentives and rewards, but the most valuable reward is the student's own sense of accomplishment.

Accomplishment synonyms

acquisition in spanish: adquisición, pronunciation: ækwəzɪʃən part of speech: noun skill in spanish: habilidad, pronunciation: skɪl part of speech: noun achievement in spanish: logro, pronunciation: ətʃivmənt part of speech: noun attainment in spanish: logro, pronunciation: əteɪnmənt part of speech: noun acquirement in spanish: adquisición, pronunciation: əkwaɪrmənt part of speech: noun
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