Accordion in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkoʊɹ̩deoʊn part of speech: noun
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accordion = acordeón. 

Example: This is the right place for all sorts of accordions, bandoneons, concertinas, amplifiers, mics, and accessories.


» accordion pleating = plisado de acordeón, pliegues de acordeón.

Example: On all types of bags whether shoulder bag, hand bag or any other accordion pleating is done to enhance the look.

» accordion pleats = plisado de acordeón, pliegues de acordeón.

Example: Accordion pleats are the most basic form of pleat, consisting of a series of permanent folds of equal width in alternating opposite directions = Los pliegues de acordeón son el tipo de plisado más básico y consiste en una serie de dobleces permanentes de igual anchura en direcciones alternas opuestas.

» button accordion = acordeón de botones.

Example: This had not been possible before as there were so many different button accordions with different systems.

» piano accordion = acordeón piano.

Example: She's got a few piano accordions so luckily enough she could lend me one to practice on.

Accordion synonyms

folded in spanish: doblada, pronunciation: foʊldəd part of speech: adjective plicate in spanish: plegado, pronunciation: plaɪkeɪt part of speech: adjective, verb squeeze box in spanish: caja de apretar, pronunciation: skwizbɑks part of speech: noun piano accordion in spanish: acordeon de piano, pronunciation: piænoʊəkɔrdiən part of speech: noun
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