Accord in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkueɹ̩doʊ part of speech: noun, verb
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accord1 = acuerdo. 

Example: Only then, within the framework of inter-institutional accord, will academic library cooperative activities move forward more rapidly and purposefully.


» in accord with = de acuerdo con, en concordancia con.

Example: In accord with much existing literature, results indicate that a large part of the gender pay gap is unexplained, even when a wide range of variables are included.

» in perfect accord = de perfecto acuerdo, en perfecta armonía.

Example: This continuous line where the Earth meets the sky in perfect accord is a true spectacle of natural beauty.

» of + Posesivo + own accord = por + Posesivo + propia voluntad.

Example: Certainly, as we know from our previous discussion, no institution of its own accord would change at the breakneck pace at which our own field appears to be moving.



» accord + significance level = conceder importancia.

Example: Different organisations can be expected to accord different significance levels to each of the criteria.

» accord + the honour = otorgar el honor, conceder el honor.

Example: The second edition was also well received all over the world, and was accorded the singular honour of translation into Portuguese for use in library schools in Brazil.

» accord with = estar de acuerdo con, seguir.

Example: So while that tracing may have accorded with a rule, it violated common sense.

Accord synonyms

rapport in spanish: compenetración, pronunciation: ræpɔr part of speech: noun grant in spanish: conceder, pronunciation: grænt part of speech: noun, verb agreement in spanish: acuerdo, pronunciation: əgrimənt part of speech: noun agree in spanish: de acuerdo, pronunciation: əgri part of speech: verb consort in spanish: consorte, pronunciation: kənsɔrt part of speech: noun allot in spanish: asignar, pronunciation: əlɑt part of speech: verb treaty in spanish: tratado, pronunciation: triti part of speech: noun conformity in spanish: conformidad, pronunciation: kənfɔrməti part of speech: noun pact in spanish: pacto, pronunciation: pækt part of speech: noun accordance in spanish: conformidad, pronunciation: əkɔrdəns part of speech: noun harmonize in spanish: armonizar, pronunciation: hɑrmənaɪz part of speech: verb fit in in spanish: encajar, pronunciation: fɪtɪn part of speech: verb

Accord antonyms

dissension pronunciation: dɪsenʃən part of speech: noun disagreement pronunciation: dɪsəgrimənt part of speech: noun
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