Accrue in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkumulɑɹ̩se part of speech: verb
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accrue = derivarse, obtenerse, conseguirse. 

Example: A large proportion of the earth's population has not yet recognized the enormous advantages that would accrue if only everybody spoke English.


» accrue + benefit = conseguir beneficio.

Example: Students who avoid work on projects will not derive the full benefit that normally accrues from comparative librarianship.

» accrue + debts = acumular deudas, contraer deudas.

Example: Labor spent the money when it was needed and is taking steps to tighten the purse strings to begin honouring the debt it has accrued.

» accrue to = acumularse, añadirse a.

Example: Anything gained will accrue to information science rather than to library practice.

Accrue synonyms

fall in spanish: otoño, pronunciation: fɔl part of speech: verb, noun
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