Accustomed in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkoʊstumbɹ̩ɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

accustom = acostumbrar. 

Example: To the critics of Panizzi, accustomed to the simplicity of the finding catalog, 'the whole volume' represented 'a magnificent mistake'.



» be accustomed to + Gerundio = estar acostumbrado a + Infinitivo.

Example: The indexes should reveal the skills of an indexer who is at least accustomed to indexing.

» unaccustomed = poco habitual, inusual.

Example: He bombards the viewer with pleasurable visual information about the 17th century and makes one feel quite giddy with the unaccustomed grandiosity of it all.

Accustomed synonyms

usual in spanish: usual, pronunciation: juʒəwəl part of speech: adjective customary in spanish: acostumbrado, pronunciation: kʌstəmeri part of speech: adjective habitual in spanish: habitual, pronunciation: həbɪtʃuəl part of speech: adjective wonted in spanish: acostumbrado, pronunciation: wʌntɪd part of speech: adjective, verb

Accustomed antonyms

unaccustomed pronunciation: ənəkʌstəmd part of speech: adjective
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